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  1. When I woke up in the morning to check my bot this was the errormessage I was getting, after seeing someone else have some issue with the puzzle i went into my map I only had 1 file named underground pass but it was a file extension not a map. I think that caused it to stay stuck there. Also maybe you could add a failsafe to prevent the bot to stay in its place for a long time without actually doing anything.
  2. I've been running this for a really long time now, it's an amazing script. Hats off to Naton! There's 1 bug/issue which I've been running a lot into, when the bot is being crashed by a person and it tries to hop worlds it doesnt detect if im being attacked or not. So what happens is it first tries to hop 5+ times to a World. After it doesn't hop because the bot is being attacked it tries to hop to another World and this can sometimes happen for a really long time because you can be attacked by another crab in the meanwhile. And if the crabs keep spawning and hitting you this might end in a really long loop. I've seen it happening once, didnt pause the script to just see what was happening and it was almost 5 minutes straight on trying to hop. This is a screenshot of a small occurence:
  3. Bought in the past, just bought another 5 went incredibly fast and smooth. Pm'd him and got everything solved within 3 minutes. Insane!
  4. bought another 6 codes, again fast and smooth!
  5. Bought 3 for now went incredibly fast and smooth. Will buy more later!
  6. After testing this today I think there will also be a much lower ban rate with extreme potions. As with overloads the script clicks every 5 minutes~ on the overload. With Extreme potions you can maybe program it in such a way that it drinks 1 sip everytime he absorbs to full. But further it's an awesome script I've used it the whole today and hats off to you Naton!
  7. https://gitlab.com/trilez-software/tribot/TRiBot-Issues/issues Some prayers and worldswitching currently not working. Issues have been posted, but since Trilez is the only one to push those changes, we have to wait till he comes online.
  8. Worldhop api not working I guess, got the same issue.
  9. Seems like another solid script! Melee is working great so is mage working great. Only two little options I would love to see is that I can use super mage potions and change my attack style of mage to defence casting. But overall another premium worthy script!
  10. I did the same thing but when training construction the banned one used a script that was pretty detectable I'd say and the not banned one was using a good c script.
  11. 1 got hit by a ban already but that's probably of another script I've used while training it. The other one is still running strong and fine.
  12. For me the script is working fine, I have been running it for two days on two accounts for around 10 hours~ and didnt run into any problems. Although I would like an option where I can use a mounted glory in my home instead of having to swap my uncharged glories for charged glories.
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