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  1. Great! Your reaction times are also really fast, you're an awesome guy in general I guess
  2. I've tested splashing with the script, I'm not sure if it's intended. But when I activate the script while already splashing on the inserted target (rat) and it sees another rat it tries to attack that one continuously. When you're attacking a rat and its working correctly, it keeps clicking on the rat, shouldn't it only click when the afk timer runs out? But in general another awesome script!
  3. This is an insane script, hats off to Naton! Been using it for a while now, the only issue im running into is when the prices are dropping too low or getting too high.
  4. angelheartz

    Proxy through VPS

    We've fixed this issue. It was that my proxy provider (Fineproxy) actually has ip binding. It's the most shitty issue i've ever had.
  5. angelheartz

    Proxy through VPS

    That's really kind of you, I've added you on discord.
  6. angelheartz

    Proxy through VPS

  7. angelheartz

    Proxy through VPS

    I've tried pinging google through proxychains which was working. But when I forced TRiBoT through proxychains it crashed. So my guess is it has something to do with java.
  8. angelheartz

    Proxy through VPS

    I think this issue has something to do with java. I've tested proxychains and other things which worked fine. When I forced Tribot to use my proxy with proxychains it instantly crashed. Does no one use proxies on their vps's? I've tested this on 2 vps providers (digitalocean, waveride).
  9. angelheartz

    add sort by last update to repository

    This. When I just came here and was looking around for scripts I bumped into loads of outdated scripts. On the first rows of the repository without using any filter/sort function there are still some really outdated scripts which don't even work.
  10. angelheartz

    Proxy through VPS

    I'm willing to pay someone who can assist me further with this problem. @Fluffee @YoHoJo @dfewsloc
  11. angelheartz

    Proxy through VPS

    Can't find anything about Whitelists. Waveride is where I bought my VPS. Maybe you know more?
  12. angelheartz

    Proxy through VPS

    I will check with the whitelist. I meant Ubuntu Server 16.04 version. I've updated my post. SOCKS5 User+password authentication.
  13. angelheartz

    Proxy through VPS

    I'm currently trying to set up a VPS and have been running into a problem. I've fixed all the other issues i've had, but now I'm trying to run Tribot through a proxy. When I do this on my current PC I can login and see the worlds, but when I try to do it on my vps the worldlist isn't loading and neither can I login. When I try to log in, it says connection timed out. Did anyone else run into this issue, if so how did you fix this? Some information: - I've used Fluffee's guide and set up everything correctly (fixed some issues aswell). - I use a Ubuntu Server 16.04 version. - I have Java Oracle 8 installed. - I can login normally but not with any of my proxies enabled. I think my vps denies proxies.
  14. Maybe you can implement this? The bot will be stuck for hours without a higher option.