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  1. Can you help me explain why one machine running client returns the error "Insufficient Trap Amount" even with the traps in inventory, but another machine running client runs the bot just fine? Is it really plausible that getInventoryItem has hiccups on some computers but not others? I've already been through the entire "delete hooks.dat, unblock firewall, restart TriBot, reinstall client & java if all else fails" etc. so I'm really baffled how one computer of mine has no issues running the script and another cannot even begin to start because it always fails to load the traps. I am using Looking Glass on BOTH machines by the way.
  2. Seemed to work just fine doing lizards, however when I moved to birds it keeps saying "Insufficient Trap amount" and ending script even though there are plenty of bird snares (and space!) in my inventory??? Doesn't make sense how it worked for me at copper longtails but the moment I move to tropical wagtails the bot totally shuts down and won't even let me use it due to the traps not registering in invetory. Very disappointing.
  3. Had this issue today, deleted my hooks.dat file in the tribot folder and it solved my problem. Hopefully that helps!
  4. oilup


    @Usa Script still not supporting glass-blowing even after the May 8th fix. Continually clicks on the glassblowing pipe and on the molten glass even after the interface pops up to select which to create. Seems like it doesn't recognize the interface popping up.
  5. oilup


    I suppose that makes sense, I've been attempting glass blowing and the script doesn't support the make-all interface for it. After some further attempts with leather, gems & jewelry I had no other issues. Apologies for making false accusations but I was very surprised to find it wasn't functioning, yet your script was recently updated.
  6. oilup

    JJ's Herblore [Mix, Clean, Grind]

    @J J will you be updating this for make-all by chance?
  7. oilup


    @Usa is this script ever going to get a Make-All update? It is still the only paid crafting script still for sale on the Repository yet it remains broken and non functioning. @Usa I will post here as well, hopefully something gets your attention: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/40565-report-outdated-and-non-working-scripts-here/ considering that this script is one you wrote yourself...
  8. To further address this older post: I've noticed the bot attempting to open damaged doors repeatedly. (Damaged doors cannot be opened) Looks very bot-like as the bot repeatedly clicks on the damaged door in an attempt to open it, but due to the nature of how damaged doors work nothing happens and the bot stands there looking very guilty while other players simply run around. This also leads to issues with the "game activity" meter where a bot gets stuck near a door and loses out on possible points. Would like to note that I see this happen with Looking Glass & with the regular client. Please look into this @Netami, if there's anything I can do for you let me know, please. EDIT: Closely monitoring the bot since the recent client update, still seems like there is an issue where the bot clicks on a monster instead of a closed door. Not sure if it's related to the status of the door but definitely seems pretty like a big flag to me.
  9. I disagree. If every script writer up and abandoned their lifetime scripts indefinitely, there would be endless complaints, followed by a mass abandonment of the client itself. What follows mass abandonment? Death of the client & website. If you think it's a different situation than what I've quoted: it really isn't. Complaints don't dictate the reactions that users have to something going away. Only a small vocal minority will ever complain on a website like this because users feel powerless to changes such as this. An abandonment of some amount will still take place before there is a resurgence in the community. It will be some time before the scripts offered become higher quality than they were. But if anyone blatantly markets something as "unlimited" or "lifetime" but they FAIL TO MENTION ON THE SALES PAGE that the definition of the duration of said sale is different than the literal definition. Well that depicts severe neglect towards the users AND the script writers who suffer because of this lack of simple verbiage. How can someone named "Einstein" possibly say something so naive? This is very insulting to anyone who has posted here. If the Admins didn't want a discussion, they would have closed the thread. I don't think it's redundant to highlight that my post has been ignored due to the small detail I've mentioned previously, but also a second time just so you can understand where users like me are coming from. If you can't understand still, then hopefully mentioning this issue a third time in more detail makes it clearer. We aren't only upset that our scripts are being taken away. We're also upset about how uninformative & intentionally neglectful the repository is for each script purchased. If there was a "lifetime" option offered for a script: there absolutely should have been SOME warning SOMEWHERE on the purchase page that "lifetime" definition by Tribot is DIFFERENT than the literal definition that users may mistakenly interpret as the same meaning. It is a deplorable and despicable business tactic to refuse such vital information on a sales page. If you find this redundant: good. Maybe someone will recognize the injustice that has been served to a majority of the community here. At this point I'm no longer ranting about losing my scripts. It is purely the fact that NOT A SINGLE ADMIN seems to recognize what I've said about including additional verbiage on the individual script sales page. That is quite telling to me, as a consumer, about how this website views their users and script writers.
  10. I feel cheated, almost offended by Tribot right now. This quote above seems to be the most logical comparison to these changes that I am able to find in this thread. Regardless of who, or what this new change benefits, there is very clear lack of definition between TRiLeZ and the users who have purchased "lifetime" or "unlimited" scripts. Members like myself who have purposely targeted scripts with a "lifetime auth" or "unlimited instances," in order to amass a large collection of usable scripts at any given time, are essentially being reneged of our lifetime scripts due to bot farmers taking advantage of an out of control system. I have not only spent years collecting these scripts, but hundreds of dollars on them as well. Is it truly fair to punish the majority of us to keep in check a small percentage of abusive users? No, it is not. What exactly is fair? Is fair providing vague definition to purchasers and underwhelming income to script writers? Why was this blatantly obvious deficiency in a Runescape bot client not put in check long before it became at problem? It is simply baffling to think that such an intelligent person can overlook an apparent shortcoming. You simply cannot reply that you didn't foresee it because anything offering "unlimted" or "lifetime" of ANYTHING eventually collapses upon itself resulting in catastrophic failure. Heck, you could have at least included fine print on the repository stating that pricing, purchases & authorization time may change at a later date without notice! Purchasers should always understood what they are buying, but you neglected to include these possible changes anywhere in the Respository. Just like this change will eventually neglect small users who have purchased lifetime scripts, @TRiLeZ was comfortable neglecting information regarding purchases on the most vital pages, the info page for each script. Personally, I didn't purchase those lifetime or unlimited auth scripts in order to abuse them. I also didn't purchase them with the knowledge they can be taken away at a later date. How is it reasonable or wise to exclude a core group of users that continue to support this website? Either find a way to tax script abuse akin to taxing corporations with large incomes, or you lose the trust of the majority of the user base here. Even if it's something as simple as 1 instance per auth, taking away "lifetime" scripts is truly criminal towards past purchasers, regardless who benefits. Truthfully I see this change as blatant disrespect towards a majority of the users here. Especially considering this line: How can you actually post such nonsense when small time users like myself, who have always targeted unlimited auth scripts, will have to invest more money overall on a monthly basis in order to appropriate the amount of scripts we currently have access to? To the script writers: I agree you deserve more money and work too hard, but I don't think targeting small users under the guise of preventing cheap bot farms is the answer. I think for something of this magnitude to finally be a topic, @TRiLeZ has made heavy oversights into his business. If this change is implemented as posted, I feel as though Tribot will devolve into it's predecessor bots and fade away to competition that offers what Tribot will now lack. I sincerely hope there is a middle ground to be explored on this subject, because I know there is one. /endrant
  11. Noticed some strange webwalking w/ LG enabled. Once I loaded up a client and stopped using LG I noticed that it got stuck after every dialogue during Plague City quest. Script says: Completed in the top above the timer but it definitely has not completed anything. Not sure if script is still support since @daxmagex hasn't posted since early 2017 and there have been a large number of updates since. EDIT: Just noticed script was suspended. :$
  12. That's your own fault, smart botting involves using much more than ONE script to give your account a legit appearance as opposed to an NMZ prodded bot. Sorry to hear about your ban though, hopefully you've learned something from it.
  13. 100% botted from 1-99 over a very, very long time (10 months+) but still worth the price of the unlimited script! Use multiple scripts and your accounts could do this too, let's pray no ban in the future
  14. oilup

    |w| Zulrah Slayer - Documentation

    Figured out my own problem, I had made an inventory setup that did not include recoils, oops! Thanks you anyway Worthy! <3
  15. oilup

    Is NMZ botting safer than other bots?

    Did you bot anything else on that account, ever? Did you create the account solely to try and bot a pure? I feel like NMZ bans are pretty rare and I've done my pure through it for a very long time, but I'm also extremely cautious because I care about the account. Currently working on maxing two mains with Dharoks and it's working very well, no bans so far, but I also run lots of other scripts as well to try and avoid those bans.