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  1. Thanks for the info
  2. I'm making a jad helper script for my friend, and I was wondering if anyone has the animation ids for jad. Right now we don't have an acct ready for jad, so if anyone could provide the animation ids it would be greatly appeciated.
  3. Sometimes it gets stuck in the room by the financial advisor.
  4. Are you able to run it without proxies?
  5. This is what I did to solve the issue. if (!isWorldScreenOpen() && (Login.getLoginState() != Login.STATE.INGAME || Login.getLoginState() == Login.STATE.WELCOMESCREEN)) { Keyboard.setSpeed(0); Login.login(); } private boolean isWorldScreenOpen() { Color wScreen = Screen.getColorAt(100, 100); return (wScreen.getRed() == 0 && wScreen.getGreen() == 0 && wScreen.getBlue() == 0); }
  6. Make the script sleep for 10 seconds whenever that message pops up
  7. Thanks for the color suggestion. I'll use that to determine if it's on the selection screen.
  8. Sometimes my script gets stuck on the world selection screen due to misclicking a world, and I was wondering if there is anything in the API that could determine if it's on the world selection screen. I tried using Login.STATE, but when it's on the world selection screen the state shows as "LOGINSCREEN" (not sure if that's a bug or what). This is how I'm handling the logging in: private boolean onStart() { setLoginBotState(false); return true; } if (Login.getLoginState() != Login.STATE.INGAME || Login.getLoginState() == Login.STATE.WELCOMESCREEN) { //added welcome screen due to it getting stuck on it sometimes Keyboard.setSpeed(0); Login.login(); }
  9. Description of the bug (be specific): I set my keyboard speed to 0, and when I checked it with Keyboard.getSpeed() it shows a value of 1, even though the speed increased How often the bug occurs: Everytime Triggers of the bug (if known): Keyboard.getSpeed() Java version: 1.8.0_91 Max Heap Size: 386 TRiBot client version: 9.303_6 Looking Glass (yes/no): no Operating System: Windows 7 Script Name: Custom script TRiBot Old-School or RS3: Old-School Client Debug: Bot Debug: Screenshots (if any):
  10. That's because RS is being DDoS'd
  11. @@laniax Anyway I could use this script with a laptop since I don't have a scrollwheel
  12. Very useful script! Thanks for the release.
  13. Duolingo/podcasts/youtube
  14. You would be curious of your own if you would have seen the pictures before they broke