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  1. For some reason when mining on the upper floor, sometimes after mining an ore vein it will walk 1 step to the right of the ladder, idle there for 5-10 seconds, then run to another ore vein, which looks quite bot like. Also, when repairing the strut it will take the hammer, repair the strut then collect the ores, run to the bank, bank the ores and the hammer, then run back to collect the remaining 1 ore, then run back to the bank to bank the 1 ore. Wouldn't it be easier just to drop the hammer after repairing the strut? It would save a lot of time and increase gp and xp p/h, as it would cause the extra bank trip to not be necessary. @Starfox
  2. curryboy

    Mostly Legit player, looking to bot range.

    Ranged is probably the only combat skill I had issues with botting. I used tri's caged ogre fighter script last year and got from ~30 - ~60 ranged then stopped using it, and due to the reports of high ban rates using the script I just legitimately trained from ~60 - 80+ using slayer and a cannon. Not sure what other ways there are to train ranged at lower levels to be honest, it's quite a tedious skill at lower levels.
  3. curryboy

    Player Reports: What should I do?

    I've been reported numerous times on my main, still not banned though 6+ botted 99's. You can still bot fletching to be honest, just use a populated world, e.g. castle wars bank w302. Nobody will suspect that you're botting.
  4. the script idles randomly usually at the ladder. @Starfox
  5. After you updated the script, it will get a hammer from the crate, repair the broken strut, collect the ores and bank the inventory of ores, then run bank to the sack the collect the remaining 1 ore. Can't it just drop the hammer after repairing the strut then collect all the ores and then bank them? It would increase the xp and profit per hour also for some reason after logging in after a break the script ended
  6. doesn't click the ladder. the pointer hovers over it but it doesn't click it.
  7. i'd recommend it, there tends to be less people up there, so more pay dirt p/h.
  8. Also when it has to repair the strut, wouldn't it be faster to repair the strut, drop the hammer then collect the ores from the sack and bank them, rather than repair the strut, bank the hammer and go back to collect the ores, then bank the ores like it does now?
  9. For some reason it always walks 1 step to the left of the ladder, then climbs up the ladder, which wastes a few seconds and looks quite bot like. It also walks one step to the right of the ladder before it climbs down the ladder. Could you fix this please. also gets stuck at the bank and idles sometimes, and says 'climbing up ladder'. I had to intervene and walk to the ladder for the script to continue http://gyazo.com/e97ada41e339808bbfdb342877814239 @Starfox
  10. thanks for the reply, i'll be getting the reqs for the balloon method now is the profit p/h around 500k crafting laws using the balloon method with this script?
  11. When killing cyclops, for some reason when it was in this spot the camera kept moving backwards/forwards/up/down constantly http://gyazo.com/7eb1da7c07563082ec03cc0b64e892f6
  12. Is cosmic runecrafting in Zanaris currently working flawlessly with this script? Also is law runecrafting using the balloon method also working flawlessly? If so then I will definitely be buying this script to bot on my main
  13. sometimes when doing the armour animation minigame, it'll click use on the mithril armour then try to click on a potion, causing it to get stuck also gets stuck when it's invent is full of loot. it keeps killing the cyclops, then when a lootable item is dropped it idles
  14. Hmm, it seems to have fixed itself, i'll let you know if it happens again. Could you fix the error where when it leaves the room to restock on supplies/start a break, it leaves the last drop from the last cyclops killed on the floor, even if the drop is on the loot list? Just in case I miss a d defender lol. EDIT: regarding the error about the script idling , I've got a screenshot of it happening here. I'm pretty sure it's to do with having looted lobsters in my inv, then not eating them to make room for other loot. as soon as i intervene and eat a lobster, it loots the items. there's a rune med on the floor and it killed about 3 cyclops after the drop and still didn't loot it until i intervened. it also happens with the mithril kite which was also on my loot list. http://gyazo.com/987539060b46c8c967ff237dc3ab6c69 it happened again here, without having any lobs in my invent. http://gyazo.com/a008c8df9181f8180cb5e023fd7fa797