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  1. OSRS - What days & times are updates on?

    Thursdays, late in the morning/ early in the afternoon
  2. how many level 99s?

    Botted my main to max melee (99 att str def hp) and 2 other additional 99's, then stopped botting due to fear of getting banned. Never received a ban on the account though
  3. Road to £500 in 2 months

    Good luck bro, hope you achieve your goal
  4. OSRS AFK RANGE [40min - 1.5h]

    Thanks for this. Going to start using this soon, ranged is such a pain to train at lower levels lol
  5. Mostly Legit player, looking to bot range.

    Ranged is probably the only combat skill I had issues with botting. I used tri's caged ogre fighter script last year and got from ~30 - ~60 ranged then stopped using it, and due to the reports of high ban rates using the script I just legitimately trained from ~60 - 80+ using slayer and a cannon. Not sure what other ways there are to train ranged at lower levels to be honest, it's quite a tedious skill at lower levels.
  6. Player Reports: What should I do?

    I've been reported numerous times on my main, still not banned though 6+ botted 99's. You can still bot fletching to be honest, just use a populated world, e.g. castle wars bank w302. Nobody will suspect that you're botting.
  7. Agility Bot

    I used aAgility to get from 30-75 agility a few months ago. Worked perfectly but as a lot of people were complaining about the ban rate, I used a lot of breaks.
  8. How far have you gone botting?

    100% agree, a lot of bans are from people that let the xp/gp rates get to their heads too much, and bot WAY to many hours each day, leading to bans. If you're not greedy and want to reduce your chances of getting banned, bot sensibly
  9. How far have you gone botting?

    I've currently maxed melee and still going. Getting a few other 99's and doing some other legit activities from time to time (questing etc). No bans yet.
  10. Q:What to alch?

    armour and weapons mith-rune usually break even or make a small profit.
  11. The road to my first car

    Good luck man keep at it, I'm also going for my first car with rwt, mainly using bots to get a good amount of starter cash then staking to get up to the big numbers
  12. New Trade Restriction OSRS

    Unless the beads are traded from another account to your new account, imp catcher would take way longer lol
  13. thanks for the reply, i'll be getting the reqs for the balloon method now is the profit p/h around 500k crafting laws using the balloon method with this script?
  14. Is cosmic runecrafting in Zanaris currently working flawlessly with this script? Also is law runecrafting using the balloon method also working flawlessly? If so then I will definitely be buying this script to bot on my main