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i play ss alot

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About i play ss alot

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  1. - I'd say 7-10 however your bots can be flagged for a ban within minutes of botting. - I trade up to 200m from several different bot accounts to my main each day (no, it's not all profit) - I don't use breaks @lukiuz edit: forgot to add that botting during London work times (aka 9-5), or in my experience a few hours beforehand, will get you prepped for some bans. Bot afterwards.
  2. AMAZING! It's working. Thanks everybody! Much appreciated!
  3. http://gyazo.com/1d0f7610e21a8e326eab701fa88d5f90 gettin there
  4. I'm sure somebody wrote a private script if this is happening. They probably walk in & out until they get eachother as targets, kill eachother, bank, then come back to walk in & out more.
  5. http://gyazo.com/f665aba62f2c0461cac53fb507434bc0 "No RuneScape client was found."
  6. http://gyazo.com/64ee36763a02d2e177e53d06371c78d2 This is what I get when I try to open LG BTW thanks for helping me much appreciated.
  7. main computer: http://gyazo.com/44ba631f6c3c82904aabb6c0042a1310 bot computer: http://gyazo.com/17f993966ec144b40551055eb4277359 @lmfaoown
  8. So I've been having issues with finding a download for java JDK 32-bit for using LG. Here are some pictures of what happens because I don't have it. In each picture I'm using a different Java http://gyazo.com/96e6f815468feeb8ef323f369a103a66 http://gyazo.com/c77aa99aec73dcce7d9ff708fa94a1eb
  9. http://gyazo.com/4d903820f997dc2f91e98bd51a2630d9 This was in 2006. I reported him and that was my friend who was muted ( we were 8 years old )
  10. I've never been banned on a mule and I shovel ~25m everyday onto it, and rwt from it. yeeeeeeeeeeah.
  11. "Therefore, an instantaneous G.E. discourages players from actually having items, because it would be easier to simply have coins and then spend them as needed over working to acquire ownership of a diversity of items." Wrong in my experience. I know peoples of both parties and they both have their justifications as to why they spend their money or save their money. Also with the current economy, most items are very stable. Meaning, if I buy 1 pure essence for 25gp now to "collect items", I could very well sell it back for 25gp in later months to come. I understand that an instantaneous trading system will be...well, instantaneous, but this leftover time of not searching for a deal or selling items is spent otherwise : Doing other skills Improving on or making their alternate account(s) Doing something IRL It is certainly not used for quitting the game because the trade system is bronze-age. etc.
  12. $50-60? Private scripts cost much more than you're thinking.
  13. I've received bans for botting nothing but tutorial island. When I don't bot tutorial island, my accounts last substantially longer than when I do. With this experience, I just do tutorials by myself. Invest some time.
  14. Just build 2 & save a few hundred. A CPU I built costed maybe $750, runs 25-40 bots if I could run em (however I tested with 37, ran fine).