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i play ss alot

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  1. @erickho123 Hey man, love the script. I've used it for years now thought I'd say hi with a hint of appreciation. as a side note & on the business side of things, awhile ago a script of Exbuyer opened a poll booth and didn't close it. The bot was stuck for a long while. Could this be patched? IPSSA
  2. I bought it- it never logged out after it completed enchanting all of my rings. Instead it logged from timer, logged in, looked for rings, logged from timer, on loop. Fix please??
  3. @netami could salamander support be added? I want to babysit farm using this script
  4. This script is so great for power mining. A+ job!
  5. @Usa loved the trial! purchased it and my account died two separate times(50def, 40hp, so I guess my stats are too low). Could it log out after death or something?
  6. Hey @Usa, could you please make an announcement on this thread when it is fixed? I am following the thread and am interested in farming lava dragons. I'm also interested in your runecrafting script - are there any glaring issues with it right now?
  7. Lots of scrutiny in this thread, so I'm being cautious before I train an account- confirm/deny on normal glory abyss nature rune method? and energy potion support please quote my reply THANKS!
  8. @AlphaDog Other scripters are a part of a big community, join em and get tips on how to fix it. they'd love to help you and us out
  9. @erickho123 There's a shop I like buying from but sometimes it goes up a set of stairs that is a couple tiles away and never comes down Using webwalker Sometimes it doesn't happen in 20+ hours, but sometimes it happens 10 minutes after running. Any solution? I can show you the spot whenever you need.
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