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  1. this is the error i am getting when trying to make prayer potions , i deleted hooks.dat and deleted all of tribot folder , it worked for 2 mins then got this error again , thanks in advance
  2. i noticed something weird today, when near the boat , its clicking on the map and going forward and backwards , and not clicking on the boat , i fixed him by switching the camera to face the boat then it clicked on it. i think this rarely happens cause i get alot of kills and 0 deaths , so im not sure next time i see it ill record it
  3. hi its having problem withdrawing bucket of sand and seaweed for superglass after running smoothly for 3 mins or so ,, just has bank open and says withdrawing , i already tried deleting all of tribot folder and deleting hook and still getting this problem
  4. anyone know what this error is ? it keeps spamming as i run scripts, i deleted the whole tribot folder even hooks.dat , still getting the same error , help me out please , thanks in advance
  5. everything is going on fine, but i haven noticed when zulrah appears south as a mager its switching to my blowpipe but not using it to attack in till it goes to another phase , here is also an error i been getting running through out the whole fight , thanks in advance hope it gets fixed
  6. whats the best amount to put for the minimum loot gp?
  7. will you notify us when its working again?
  8. @Tri will you please add a "loot over x" option , so like if i want to loot it anything above 5k and up i just put 5000? , please its so much easier then adding loot one by one
  9. hey, the cannon is not working , i set it up and its not firing it or anything , even if i manually click on it , its not reloading the cannon, i set up the location and all. help me out please. Using Looking Glass (y/n): YESOperating System: WINDWS 10 Using VPS (y/n): NOUsing tabs (y/n):NO Bot Debug (Pastebin ONLY):Client Debug (Pastebin ONLY):
  10. ever since new rs update i been having major lag with LG
  11. not sure what this error is ? please help me out.
  12. just bought the script , using LG , same issue with everyone about the bank , will wait till its fixed , thanks in advance