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  1. What do you want me to say to this person? I'm not refunding them.
  2. Combat AIO fighter [lite edition] Combat AIO is TRiBot's most advanced combat script. Written by Assume, one of TRiBot's most popular scripters Combat AIO strives to be the highest quality script available. Features: AIO CombatCustomizable lootingCombat radiusSaving your settingsCustom API's for eating, prayer, equipment swapping, combat, monster selection, and pathingPremium features: All lite edition featuresfull potion supportfull special attack supportcustom pathing supportbankingGuthans HOW TO INSTALL: Go to the tribot repository and install it. Bug report format: TRiBot Version: CombatAIO Version: Using Looking Glass (y/n): Operating System: Using VPS (y/n): Using tabs (y/n): Bot Debug (Pastebin ONLY): Client Debug (Pastebin ONLY): GUI Setup Screenshots (Imgur ONLY): Stack Traces (Do at least 4 seperate times, Imgur ONLY): Once you have filled out the above form, type a description of the bug, and any additional information you deem necessary. If you do not follow the bug report format, your bug reportwill be ignored. How to Copy Debugs How to Print Stack Traces Progress and bug reports are appreciated, enjoy!
  3. Combat AIO [Premium Edition] Combat AIO is TRiBot's most advanced combat script. Written by Assume, one of TRiBot's most popular scripters, Combat AIO strives to be the highest quality script available. Features: AIO Combat Customizable looting with loot over X value support! Special Weapon support of all spec weapons (if I forgot one, let me know I can add it instantly!) Static protection prayer support Complete potion support (This is automatic, you do not need to do anything to enable it!) Combat radius Saving your settings Perfect combat system custom pathing support Piety/Chivarly Flickering Banking with automatic teleport support (Just hit start and there's a good chance it'll bank without anything from you) Guthans Bones to Peaches (tabs only) Range support Telegrab Alching Save/load and share customized paths Progression mode (change attack style, etc etc) Price: $24.95 for lifetime or $5.99/month or $3.99/2weeks How to buy: Option 1: Purchase with credits through the TRiBot repository Add assume.support on Skype for support or join Discord chat Current GUI: Current Logic Builder: Bug report format: FAQ: Q: How do I get updates? A: Updates are applied automatically every time the script is ran. Q: Are there any banned locations? A: No Q: Will this script work anywhere? A: The script is designed as a general combat bot and will work in the vast majority of locations. Areas will specialized events may not work (though some will) if you have questions about a specific area ask. Progress and bug reports are appreciated, enjoy! Terms of Service: You accept the terms of service by purchasing the service. Terms of service include, but are not limited to, the TRiBot premium script terms of service found HERE. By purchasing an authorization code you agree not to share this service among any other individuals. Purchase entails ONE user access. I may add to or edit my terms at any time, by continuing to use my service you automatically accept the updated terms.
  4. ...always use start script, never use re-run Assume Staker Premium Assume Staker is the most advanced staking script ever created. Created by Assume, a co-developer on Combat AIO, Lite and Premium editions, and developer of Logic Pro. Assume Staker is the most advanced staker ever created. It calculates your odds to win duels using an advanced algorithm. Are you tired of being poor? Get Assume Staker and make millions*! Price: $9.99 per auth per month How to buy: 1. CLICK HERE To purchase JUST the calculator for $10 monthly or $35 for life please go here: How to buy: How to buy: 1. Monthly 2. Lifetime Please add me on Skype for support. My Skype name is assume.support or join Discord chat Get your dynamic signature: [url=https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/24614-assume-staker-15am-2147b-2147bhrddswhipboxscim/][img=http://polycoding.com/assumestake/USERNAME_HERE.png][/url]A few features: Calculates % chance of winning duel based on your stats vs their statsAllows you to enter a max betAllows you to enter a minimum betCustom spam messageCustom minimum win % to accept duelAnti-scam that will fix all settings that person messes up.Spam saving (only type in once!)Item supportDDSingWhippingBoxingDScimmingFAQ: Q: How many accounts can I run off one auth?A:You can run one account on a single auth, anything more requires another auth.Q: How do I get updates?A: Updates are applied automatically every time the script is ran.Q: What % odds should I use?A: I recommend people use 70% odds if they are scared. I personally use 52%Q: It is taking 20,000+ milliseconds to calculate win %. What should I do?A: You have two options: enable both preload mode and low cpu mode (recommend if a decent PC) or use the beta calculatorQ: Do you guarantee I will win if I have odds on the opponent?A: Of course not! No matter your odds, staking still has a degree of luck. You never know when this will happen: Terms of Service: You accept the terms of service by purchasing the service. Terms of service include, but are not limited to, the TRiBot premium script terms of service found HERE.By purchasing an authorization code you agree not to share this service among any other individuals. Purchase entails ONE user access.You may not resell or share an authentication key, if you do so your key may be subject to immediate ban without refund.Authentication keys are only sent to locations specified in payment details. Failure to specify a location is considered buyers failure.I am not responsible for losses you may incur based on losing stakes.I may add to or edit my terms at any time, by continuing to use my service you accept these terms.Buying a lifetime auth entitles you to support for the lifetime of the script, not your lifetime.All calculations are based upon my estimates. You (the customer) are in no way entitled to a refund if you disagree with the calculations.You are not guaranteed to make a profit. Losing money while using the script or the calculator does not entitle you to a refund.Proggies:
  5. What exactly is his problem? RC works fine
  6. Purchasing Information wBarrows is available on the TRiBot repository at the cost of $15/Lifetime for two instances. If you require credits but cannot pay with Paypal, contact me on Skype for additional payment options. Buy wBarrows here Required Quests Priest in peril (to access canfis area) Started Nature's Spirit (to access Swamp area) Recommended Quests Shades of Mort'ton (Minigame Teleport) Ghost Ahoy (Ectophial Teleport) Recommended setup for maximum profits Recommended stats for MAX profit: 70 attack, 70 strength, 70 defence, 75 mage, and 60 prayer Why 60 Prayer? Prayer potions restore more prayer the higher your prayer level. If you only run the bot for 24 hours total you will save more on the prayer potions saved than what you spent on the dragon bones to get to 60 prayer (vs 43 prayer). Higher the prayer the more you save on prayer potions but the more you spend on dragon bones.70 defence? Well this also comes down to saving prayer potions by using barrows gear you will be able to not pray on verac, guthan, and torag.75 Magic is recommend for trident but slayer dart is a close second.70 attack and 70 strength is used to kill karil and ahrim faster which will also result in less prayer potions used. Methods to kill each brother: Dharok, Torag, Guthan and Verac should all be killed using magic. Karil should be killed using melee. Ahrim should be killed using melee or ranged. Equipment: Helm: Barrows Helmet > Dragon Med > Rune Cape: Fire Cape > Trimmed Skill > Skill Cape / Obs Cape Necklace: Fury > Glory Arrows: Broad Bolts / Rune Arrows Weapons: Trident of the Seas (Set spell to None) / Slayer Staff / Fire Staff (Magic) Rune C'bow / Magic Shortbow (Ranged - ONLY RANGE Ahrim May or may not be recommended) Whip / Guthan Spear (if wearing full guthan and only for KC) (Melee - Only Melee Kill Count Karil and Ahrim) Chest: Barrow Chest > Dragon Chain > Granite > Rune Shield: Dragonfire Shield > Obsidian Shield / Granite Shield > Rune kite Legs: Barrows Legs > Dragon Legs > Rune Legs Gloves: RFD Gloves > Vamps Boots: Dragon Boots > Rune Boots Ring: Ring of Life > Ring of Life > Ring of Life > Ring of Life ^^^ Always wear a ring of life you could dc or crash somehow To Barrows Path: Minigame (Requires Shades of Morton Quest) > Shortcut (Requires In Search of the Myreque) > Swamp To Bank Path: House (House must have Canfis Portal and any Altar) > Ectophial (Requires Quest Ghost Ahoy) > Varrock (Please don't use varrock path its slower than the damn quest for ectophial) Kill Order: I recommend you kill brothers you pray on first so you conserve the most prayer points. Here is the logic behind your kill order: Organize the hardest to the easiest to kill of the brothers that you pray on then do the hardest brother that you are not praying on. ONLY DISABLE PRAYER IF YOU ARE IN BARROWS ARMOR My personal Setup: Karil (Prayer enabled)Dharok (Prayer enabled)Ahrim (Prayer enabled)Verac (Prayer Disabled)Torag (Prayer Disabled)Guthan (Prayer Disabled)Supplies: 1 Spade 1 Teleportation Device: (House Tab, Ecto, Varrock Tab) 5-8 Prayer potions depending on gear Super potions if you want Runes if not using trident Armor that is not equipped Fill rest of inventory full of sharks (recommend) > monkfish > swordfish > lobsters (risking it here if you have low defence / low defence gear) Kill Count: 11-14 is recommend Screenshots: Dynamic Sig: Proggies: GUI: Integer has provided additional support for wBarrows and is a co-developer. As with all my products, all customers will receive my full support and dedication. Change Log: Change log format: version number, date(US), changes (* indicates further information)1.0.0 10/29/2013 - Banking has been fixed,1.0.2 10/29/2013 - v1.02 I fixed it not withdrawing more varrock teletabs and not banking teletabs, I also fixed a bug with potions besides prayer potions, I also made it not drink prayer potions when fighting a brother that has prayer turned off.1.0.3 10/29/2013 - v1.03 Fixed hopefully all pathing bugs and fixed a bug with screenshots causing the script to takes 20 or so screenshots instead of one, and added the first dynamic sig framework.1.0.4 10/30/2013 - I fixed a bug with Shortcut / Ectophial that was broke in v1.0.3 and I fixed a bug with potions.1.0.5 10/30/2013 - fixed a bug with ahrim and salamanders also fixed the vial misclick bug fixed the adjust brightness issue also.1.1.0 11/02/2013 - New Features: Custom Kill order House Portal Better Clicking Added getting ready to fight before opening chest Dynamic Signatures! Ectophial Prayer Recharging now works Varrock Prayer Recharging now works AND MORE! Bug fixes: Fixed some barrows armor from being recognized Added more failsafes to banking Fixed a bug with potions1.2.0 11/04/2013 - Features: KillCount Minimum food / prayer potion doses required to do another chest Bugs:Cant Reach arrows bug Couple of Pathing bugs Recharge prayer at lumbridge bug Potion bugs and more1.2.1 11/09/2013 - Bug with not reaching barrows brother in tunnel was a very rare bugFixed the Runescape Interface update on magic Fix a rare bug with looting not looting items off the ground Integer Fixed a bug with canifis walking Integer Fixed a bug with Church Door in lumby and a bug with swamp boat Integer added individual armor drop tracking so we can better determine the effects of the script on the economy.1.2.2 11/17/2013 - fixes boat issue still some bugs with pathing that will slow down the bot I will try to fix these asap. Also v1.22 contains the new saving/loading system.1.2.3 11/18/2013 - had some bug fixes for the new models should run more smoothly1.2.4 11/18/2013 - there are still some bugs with pausing when pathing.1.2.5 11/18/2013 - fixed bug reported by lynx1.2.6 11/20/2013 - fixed the slow pathing and should fix the walking north bug1.2.7 11/22/2013 - banking fix, added hiding paint, and loot table bug amount fix1.2.8 12/18/2013 - fixed the magic autocasting bug in v1.28 jagex changed the interface on me1.2.9 01/03/2014 - salamander bugs fixed1.3.1 01/07/2014 - fixed varrock gate bug, fixed walking left of barrows bug.1.3.2 01/30/2014 - GUI is no longer slow and depressing to work with.1.3.3 02/01/2014 - the script now more intelligent and can even be started while inside the barrows tunnels. Also the script will automatically detect which brothers you have killed and which brother is the tunnel brother on start. Also GUI validation was added which will guarantee that users filled out all the equipment spots.1.3.4 02/07/2014 - fixed prayer issue1.3.5 02/09/2014 - Prayer thingy with excess prayer Eat at bank General Banking Improved Trident of the Sea Charging (NOTE: if you were using the trident previously it is recommend that you reset your equipment to get charge support) Super Restores will now be used if there are no prayer potions available. Clicking in tunnels was improved. Potions will not be double tapped in the chest room. Might of fixed the gate glitch but I probably didnt so let me know.1.3.6 02/12/2014 - Fixed Trident Recharging Bugs (NOTE: Must reset settings on trident in order to fix this) Fixed Varrock Gate Path Bug1.3.7 02/13/2014 - Made the script more intelligent on when to bank. Added in Mouse Speed Fixed a bug with looting Fixed another Recharging Trident bug1.3.8 02/25/2014 - changed running to be better1.3.9 03/04/2014 - Changed tunnel door clicking a little bit / Fixed a pathing bug1.393 04/03/2014 - Fixed some chest / looting problems1.40 04/05/2014 - Added Minigame Path for to barrows1.402 04/14/2014 - Fixed minigame path bug1.45 04/14/2014 - Fixed Equipment Bug
  7. Change Log: 1.0 - Initial release 1.0.1 - Increase speeds 1.0.2 - Bug Fix/Increased grief detection 1.0.3 - Fixed Penis debug issue 2.0.0 - Bird/Falcon/Grey Chinchompa scripts added AIO avalible 2.0.1 - Bug fixes, should have fixed mac error and cpu error fix. Some general trap detection fixes. Some users may get more catches/hr. 2.1.0 - Dynamic trap placement added, increased antiban (much more human-like), general speed increases. 2.2.0 - Red Salamander support added, variable mouse speed added, slow computer support added, falcons mini fix added. 2.2.1 - Red sally fix. new method of clicking on chin boxes for increased speed and accuracy and randomness 2.3.0 - Added crash protection (dynamic trap movement), added option to operate hunter capes 2.3.1 - Anti-crash improvement, Anti-crash doesn't place traps off the map, Speed increase, Right-click lay trap added, Less likely to misplace traps 2.3.2 - Sexy paint added, vastly decreased the chance to click on chinchompas and butterflies, removed lay traps*, "never misplace traps" should actually never misplace now 2.3.3 - Less cpu usage, decreased change to misplace traps and attempts to pickup misplaced traps, Improved anti-crash, Speed improvement (420+ chins/hr max alone), Doesn't pick up random items anymore, Will run with a full inventory now (not reccomended), Logs out when a visible JMOD is onscreen, New drop method (super fast), New mouse cursor, Slight falconry rework *Falcon script has bugs, future release will contain a falcon rework vastly increasing xp/hr *Lay traps will be added again in the future, the feature caused bugs with some users.
  8. What OSBuddy has hooked is different than what Tribot has hooked. I can't access data the same way OSBuddy does.
  9. The script is now discontinued but may be revisited in the future. Barrows.zip
  10. It's very possible LG could cause issues. There is a delay in data from LG that would especially impact things like flickering. I would have to test it to confirm though.
  11. Yes but only for piety and the other one that I am blanking on.
  12. I'll remove those worlds from the hop list. Please just tell me which ones are restricted.
  13. Off the top of my head, no, but I haven't looked at the code for anti fires in a long time. They were supported in the version released in 2013 but I can't remember if I transferred them over. I'll give you a full answer when I can.
  14. Auths do not stack for time, only for number of authorized accounts. You will need to purchase the script again if you'd like to continue using it, or feel free to use the lite version for free.
  15. I use the same accounts to test all of my scripts, and the way testing works for stuff like Combat is super bot like and gets accounts banned very fast. It should be fixed by the end of the weekend. Tracking has been disabled for around a year now due to my database provider losing all of my data. What you see is the last screenshot I took.
  16. Lite Edition will stop 20 minutes after you start the script you make. Buy premium to remove this limitation. Buy Premium Here: https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/22112-logic-pro-script-maker-by-assume/ Logic Pro [Lite Edition] Logic Pro is the most advanced script ever created. Created by Assume, a co-develop on Combat AIO Lite and Premium editions. Logic Pro is, and always will be the most dynamic and customizable script available for Runescape. Are you tired of waiting for someone to write a script for you because you don't know how to program? Don't worry about it with Logic Pro. You can create the script of your dreams using and easy-to-use interface. Premade Scripts can be found HERE. Features: 100% customizable to anything you want to doBlock based execution system (as close as you can get to actual programming without know how to program!)Unlimited amount conditionals (if statements) per actionNo predefined conditional/action combinations (You can do whatever you want!)Object supportLooting supportNPC supportBanking supportItem SupportNPC Chat supportMouse supportCombat supportRight click menu support (what you see when you right click something in Runescape)Webwalking supportWalking supportMagic supportTeleporting supportKeyboard supportSave/load and share your custom scripts Click Here to get the Script! Please add me on Skype for support. My Skype name is assume.support GUIDE https://docs.google.com/document/d/13W-QeAmxEUD_jnxScsiVirhZ6DPJ8otlHcvlesrPVgc/edit?pli=1 Progress and bug reports are appreciated, enjoy! Changelog: http://pastebin.com/TzJtEz1s
  17. I have been unable to get anyone to loan me an account.
  18. It's just the name of the profile you want to run. It is an ABCLv2 determined value Nothing in this world is perfect
  20. Of course I'm going to update it. I am currently out-of-town for vacation so it's a little hard to fix. Also, if someone could loan an account that would be great.