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  1. I’ll look into changing the fighting zone. Interesting. I’ll check the save system when I get a chance hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday.
  2. It shouldn't be doing that when looting from a safespot. I'll look into it. I don't know what you mean by stopping the logout. What does it say in the debug tabs? It handles it automatically.
  3. I am unable to extend script licenses due to tribot not giving me the ability to do it. I will refund any purchases that happened in the last 2 days.
  4. I am aware of the update to the duel arena. I am on vacation until Tuesday and will not be able to start updating the script for the changes until then.
  5. Assume

    Premium scripts gone?

    It was pretty clear a solution was needed to fix the issue of lifetime scripts. If it had been presented to us before a decision was made, we would have 100% concurred with it.
  6. You're welcome. Also note if you have range mode on, the ammo doesn't need to be on the loot list. The script will automatically loot the ammo you use and in a more effective manor than if on the loot list.
  7. Did you select range mode or did you just put arrows on the loot list?
  8. Don't put food on your banking list. You select the amount of food on the first page under "Amount"
  9. The health it eats at is automatically determined. Amount is the amount of food to eat and radius is the distance from home tile to fight monsters at max.
  10. It doesn't matter if you're VIP or not.
  11. I'm aware of the issue and it should be fixed tonight.
  12. I would set it to 55% and I recommend 1.5-2.5 as a good range.
  13. First off, if your minimum win is 47% you’re asking to lose money so don’t do that. Secondly, this is happening because it’s not going to X if you have even odds. It Xs to your minimum and your minimum is less than 50%.