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  1. delete it pls i dont sell anything
  2. I apologize it hasn't been updated. Got caught with some IRL stuff. I am flying back to college tonight and will have time tomorrow to get it back to its full glory.
  3. The demand for stakers just isn't there anymore especially with the new rules removing Xing.
  4. Script has been updated for the new duel arena. I have unfortunately been able to do extensive testing due to some outside circumstances so I have opened a 10 hour free trial for people to test it. Please let me know how it goes.
  5. 3-4 days. Only because I have a very busy schedule and never know when I will be able to commit time to programming/bug fixing.
  6. Tribot no longer allows unlimited instances. I have heard about issues with guthans. Unfortunately no one has been willing to lend me an account to fix it. I will check to see why that is happening.
  7. I apologize about the continued delay in getting this back up and running. Unfortunately I have had issues with my new landlord at school this year which we're resolved yesterday so we should be back and good tomorrow night 100%.
  8. I’ll look into changing the fighting zone. Interesting. I’ll check the save system when I get a chance hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday.
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