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  1. Off the top of my head, no, but I haven't looked at the code for anti fires in a long time. They were supported in the version released in 2013 but I can't remember if I transferred them over. I'll give you a full answer when I can.
  2. Auths do not stack for time, only for number of authorized accounts. You will need to purchase the script again if you'd like to continue using it, or feel free to use the lite version for free.
  3. I use the same accounts to test all of my scripts, and the way testing works for stuff like Combat is super bot like and gets accounts banned very fast. It should be fixed by the end of the weekend. Tracking has been disabled for around a year now due to my database provider losing all of my data. What you see is the last screenshot I took.
  4. I have been unable to get anyone to loan me an account.
  5. It's just the name of the profile you want to run. It is an ABCLv2 determined value Nothing in this world is perfect
  6. Of course I'm going to update it. I am currently out-of-town for vacation so it's a little hard to fix. Also, if someone could loan an account that would be great.
  8. The times are generated by the client. The normal times are much lower so you may have just gotten unlucky with your client seed.
  9. I know he is doing it. The way he is doing it would result in significantly higher ban rates when using cannons. I won't implement it that way.
  10. Please send me a PM
  11. animationStates is never instantiated. You have only declared its existence.