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  1. I am not refunding you. I need an account with guthans for literally 15 minutes to fix the issue you're reporting and if you're not willing to do that, I can't fix it. Sorry.
  2. And every time I've asked, I haven't been loaned an account that can use guthans.
  3. Are you able to loan an account? I have nothing that can use guthans.
  4. Did you type the name exactly correctly including capitalization? And where did you start the script.
  5. It does it automatically with AutoChat. I will not implement something that is inherently unprofitable.
  6. Tribot does not have autobilling just so you know. And no, you still can't have a refund.
  7. My accounts get banned on an incredibly regular basis because they spend their time doing broken stuff over and over and over again to find issues which tends to be easy for Jagex to detect. I don't always have accounts with the right stats or gear available for every single possible thing my scripts do and therefore need to borrow accounts to test. You will not receive a refund from me nor the admins if you fail to help solve the issues you're complaining about.
  8. If you loan me an account I'd be happy to fix the issue. That is not helpful information.
  9. It does use Dax walker. I'll fix it but I need an account loaned to me.
  10. If you use it as 90% of users do, yes. The issue reported on the previous page will be fixed by the middle of next week.
  11. Because you are fighting at a mathematical advantage at all times, therefore will profit in the long run.