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  1. If I was you, you should stop botting on that account, the chances of getting banned are very high like 95%.
  2. When you reach 50 Ranging you can go to the Ogres to get efficient xp's.
  3. Check the Z forum's they have a thread with possibly all new clue thingys.
  4. The easyest way is to stake, JaGeX is not flagging stakes as much as they do with trades .
  5. Buy your credits with gp's .
  6. Just watchout the banrates are really high at this point.
  7. Banrates are real high at the moment, if I was you I shouldn't bot at all!
  8. Next time pay more attention on the script you are planning to use. Just scroll a bit into the thread and read some comments that makes a huge difference then blaming others.