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  1. never mind most i could get it to run was 10 boats then it would crash with ether "[the script is unable to execute instructions due to user error] player ran out of swamp paste" when i had 1258 swamp paste still left in my inventory. or some random error @Einstein here is when it crashed the other times [18:26:58] at scripts.einsteinsfisher.EinsteinsFisher.run(EinsteinsFisher.java:86) [18:26:58] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) [18:27:00] Script Ended: Einstein's Fisher.
  2. I had to start it while in the boat it would then walk to bank then back to boat and start working, if i started it by the bank chest it would just click nothing in my bank over and over again.
  3. got from 1 to 50 fm at duel arena no problem. it did miss i think 4 logs on level up, 1 normal log and 3 maple logs. It normally would click the log on the ground so no big deal even a normal person training fm can miss logs. it worked really well at duel arena and i like that it would randomly choose ether the bank chest or the bank npc. Very nice script
  4. Issue with the draynor rooftop course when it finishes a lap it clicks 3 times on the mini map to go back to the start of the course then it clicks on your character sending him backwards some times semi breaking the script causing you to just stand there. it does it every time which is non human like doesn't always break the script
  5. Just bought, couldn't buy the ftw fisher again since i already purchased it but lost it due to the new updates or what ever. Will post a proggy
  6. Takes forever to click on the beams the 3rd to last obstacle of al kahrid course, it trys to click them from afar and fails then clicks to run up and trys to click like 10 times before it can click. easy bann
  7. Can you read the pm i sent you about vip

  8. I want a refund, im buying vip through someone else, you don't respond to pms or to posts on your thread. I can see youv been online. Refund my money
  9. Looking to buy VIP with paypal will go first to trusted members no problem. just getting back into runescape.
  10. me please, tribot credit
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