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  1. Montreal

    [COMBAT] JJ's AIO Fighter Pro

    @J J When using bones to peaches on a pure (where you'll eat often) it stops to pick up a bone every time only 1 food is missing from a full inventory. This severely slows down xp per hour. Also, if multiple bones are on the floor it doesn't prioritize the one closest to you and will run very far to pick up a bone.
  2. partridge Make the bot screen shot a good one, make me proud!
  3. Montreal

    How many bots can i run on these specs ?

    @batuhan1000840 it depends if the vps is openVZ or KVM. With OpenVZ you'll actually be sharing resources with other users and aren't going to always have those full resources available. KVM will dedicate the resources solely to you.
  4. Montreal


    @JORDANF94 are you sure you have any scripts added in your repository? https://tribot.org/repository/ You also appear to not be a VIP member which is needed to run any free scripts. You can run one premium script on one RS acc without VIP. See VIP options here: https://tribot.org/#pricing
  5. Montreal

    Cheapest Proxies

    @peanutbutterpie At http://socks5proxies.net/ we offer proxies as low as $2.65 each, our discounts continue the more you purchase. We also offer guaranteed quality and customer service along with it. Always remember cheapest is never synonymous with best
  6. Montreal

    Cannot buy VIP

    @peanutbutterpie If the system has flagged your PayPal you'll have to use another means of payment.
  7. @wezaro If you want to report a script as broken to the script writer, please take the time to write what is broken and give an actual bug report. Thanks.
  8. Montreal

    Taking Premium Script Requests

    @Encoded Blast mining could be good. Since the quest that helps you gain favour makes it easy to hit 100% came out it opens accessibility to more people quicker. Decent XP, good profit, can get rune ore at 75 mining. http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/Blast_mine
  9. Montreal

    [Open Source] FC Display Name Checker

    @Final Calibur Thanks! if you continue to develop this in the future a way to put in an argument to use a custom text file of names to check would be fantastic.
  10. Montreal

    [Open Source] FC Display Name Checker

    @Final Calibur That's great to hear, thanks!
  11. Montreal

    [Open Source] FC Display Name Checker

    @Final Calibur don't know if you're still deving/fixing this, but i think an update to the interfaces broke it. It also can no longer connect to use "Real words" perhaps the dictionary file the source points to went down.
  12. Montreal

    Cannot connect to any of my proxies through TriBot.

    Did they work in tribot 2 days ago, then just stopped today? that's very odd, especially if they are still working in Maxthon.
  13. Montreal

    Cannot connect to any of my proxies through TriBot.

    @neogeo567 Hi, a few questions that'll go a long way with helping you: 1. What is the protocol? are you sure they are socks5? 2. Are you sure you're entering the credentials in correctly? 3. Did these proxies work in the past, and just started to not work? or are they newly obtained? To clarify, they are not loading any web page on Maxthon, or only not loading the RS game applet? If you need a guide for connecting to Maxthon browser with proxies my proxy site has a written/video guide that might assist you here: http://socks5proxies.net/maxthon-setup
  14. @Tri One of your users has reported this script as broken to me. Pest control recently has had a very big update to how the min-game works and this may have broken your script. Please check on it and make sure it's in working order. Thanks,
  15. Montreal

    Wilderness Looter

    @LilAnge You could always commission a premium scripter and pay him to make you a private script