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  1. @Rohm I believe i answer the ticket last night. The issue was I had replaced it for you but didn't send it out quick enough, so you thought it was down if there are any further issues just submit a ticket. Thanks!
  2. @Duhstin Hi, can you send me a screen shot of the error? It would help us a lot to track down and fix the bug. RSGP should be back up by next week. I'm sorry for the wait. Edit: it seems PayPal itself is down and under attack currently. This is out of our control, I'd suggest using BTC for now. The BTC option also offers a great discount for users, proxies starting at $3.27 rather than $3.5 and are generally 5%+ cheaper.
  3. @idkfa The proxy has +30 days added to it. So it would then have a total of 37 days in that scenario.
  4. @DanDan It wouldn't be reliable. You'd have to guess based on growth times which are terribly coded (Mod Ash said so himself) and are effected by thing like hoping worlds, logging out, which reset the timer. It used to be grab-able via settings i believe, but Jagex changed it.
  5. Remember to keep all post relevant to the script, as this is a script thread. Any other discussion will be removed.
  6. @73user Yup as other have said it's latency. You an reduce it by lowering the color scheme in VNC. Image will look a little wonky but it will be smoother.
  7. Hi all, the RSGP option has been temporarily removed while we iron out a bug with it. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you absolutely need the RSGP option you can PM me and I will process the order by hand, thank you.
  8. I will stay out of this and let other members of them moderation team handle it. Here is the background on what happened: User was suppose to get I believe it was 3 accounts 50 def, 70 agility, by hand. User botted and got the accounts banned, and did not tell me for over a week until I used high scores and noticed the name did not show up. He finally admitted it, apologized, etc. I told him okay, and gave him a second chance. He began again with the order, and once again he botted and got the accounts banned, at that point I banned him for scamming. @erickho123 @iFluffee @Flax
  9. @ericcc1029 did some work for me and he was quick and courteous. One of the best levelers/questers i've dealt with. The skype chat he posted is real.
  10. @fstyle Can you send PM me a screen shot of this? Via BTC it should be $3.27 @Rohm Can you also PM me a screen shot of the error
  11. If anyone experiences any issues with the new site please report it to me in PM or a ticket on the website so we can get it fixed, thanks!
  12. @leoshiro the whole site was re-written from bottom-up to include a lot more functionality for users. We decided to change the look to something new and more modern as well. I guess we each have our own different taste though
  13. The site is back up, proxies are even cheaper now starting at $3.27 if you check out via bitcoin reaching as low as $2.70! If the site still has the "we'll be back" still hit the F5 key on your keyboard so it reloads the page, it should then show as up again.
  14. @Matt2k15 within the next 24 hours, it'll be a new site once it's up we hope you'll like it @idkfa thanks for the suggestion, the option to pick location is not possible, but the ability to see location in the delivery e-mail may be possible. A status page would only give you a rough idea since we have many servers spread across different data centers. @fleq6 Hi, I can guarantee the proxy you receive our business has never sold before. As for the history of any proxy, no one can guarantee that to you, and anyone who does it trying to scam you. There aren't any new IPV4's being created. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IPv4_address_exhaustion