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  1. @dantan To be fair, the community saying inactive are only doing so based on what they can see publicly. I can assure you they definitely are not inactive behind the scenes, or there would be no tribot I admit there is more we could do in the public light, and maybe we could be more open about what we are working on behind the scenes in the future. As for the PayPal, there isn't much to be done here. It's fraud prevention. It can be things like using a VPN, unverified PayPal, IP different then address on PP, etc. While it may be an inconvenience to you, the system does not to be in-place to prevent major fraud. We do offer other payment options such as stripe you could use, I am aware of BTC being down though. We are seeking alternatives to get it back up, but the situation is not as straight forward as it may seem. If a premium script isn't working properly and a script writer doesn't fix it when you notify them, please open a script dispute so it can be addressed. This is something we definitely do not allow. However, suggestions are definitely up to the script writer to implement and we hope that many of them would.
  2. @Clockwork123 Hi, on the repository is the script still showing as activated?
  3. @godspower33 I'm not sure what you mean, the duties they do being "announced" here would not make much sense. USA should not announce every time he approves a script writer, increases a credit limit, approves a recovery. Trilez can't announce each DDOS he mitigates, hook he fixes, and update he works on. Todd can't announce each time he handles a PP dispute, etc. Publicly posting doesn't equate to being active, the small things is what the moderation team is here for
  4. @Deluxes I understand that, but even without revealing much of what is coming, there is much more listed there in terms of duties the administrators fulfill. They most definitely aren't inactive. I'll see if I can get approval from @TRiLeZ to reveal anything else
  5. @jimmyneutron It's easy to criticize when you base it only off of what you can see in public, but I can assure you a lot is being done behind the scenes you don't see. @TRiLeZ is always actively working on tribot behind the scenes, working on bigger, better things, updating to the best hosting servers possible, mitigating DDOS attacks, and much much more. Just because he doesn't post often, does not mean he is not always working on Tribot. Believe me, Tribot means the world to him. @Usa Is also active, he handles many other administrator duties so that Trilez can focus on Tribot. He processes account recoveries, credit limit increases, organizes tribot events, and much more. Many of this is, once again, behind the scenes work that isn't easily visible to an observer. @Todd Is also active, he handles some parts of the financial processing, is working on a project and coding other things for us, and doing a lot of other things. So please understand they may not be posting every day or handling very small minuscule things, but they are very active behind the scenes and for the other things like disputes etc, there's the moderation team
  6. @nitinzaz Will run 10 bots, add more RAM if you wish to run more. $313 ( can be cheaper if you buy mobo and cpu at microcenter) https://pcpartpicker.com/list/FxYjqk
  7. @qwe All tickets appeared to be answered. If your somehow has still not been answered, please re-submit it. In the future please do not post to let me know you submitted a ticket, instead wait the 24 hours to receive a reply. Posting here as well just spams the thread and doubles the work on our end. Hope you understand, thank you.
  8. @sk8r A VPN (Virtual Private Network) changes the IP (internet protocol address) of your whole system. Thus, it cannot be used on multiple botting clients, to make them have multiple different IPS at once. It is system wide.. As YoHoJo said, it also usually assigns random IPs to you, and those IPs are also shared among other VPN users. A proxy, regardless of protocol, socks5, HTTP, etc, can be applied to a specific client and not effect your whole system. With them you can also maintain the same IP and obtain a private IP that is not shared with other users. This is of course a TLDR and not a total explanation. Also, in full disclosure I sell socks5proxies for botting at socks5proxies.net
  9. @onixya All are working fine, it appears to be user error. I've sent what we think you are doing wrong to your e-mail ticket. In the future please keep all support request to e-mail tickets to avoid thread spam, thanks !
  10. @onixya Hi, the replacements were sent to you. In the future if you request a change like this please do not use the original proxies, as now they are wasted. Usually when they are used we will deny the change, but I've gone ahead and pushed it through for you anyway out of courtesy. Hope everything is up and running smooth for you now with your new EU proxies.
  11. @onixya please be more careful in the future. On the site we state to contact us for foreign proxies right on the purchase page as that is a custom order which needs to be invoiced and done by hand. We will make an exception and change them for you, please submit a ticket on the site requesting the change. Thank you.
  12. @ung1v3npur3 @stirniukas RSGP processing is back up, sorry for the issue. It was down due to the RS update.
  13. @qwe my apologize I've been extremely busy this week stock should be up within an hour.