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  1. @idkfa I've been pretty busy in my professional life this year. I may start selling them again but I'm unsure of the demand at the moment. I'm looking to get back into RS and botting though, so it's a good chance they'll return. If you need a good amount I can put in a custom order, but for 1-2 proxies that'll have to wait until I decide whether to start the site back up or not.
  2. Sorry for such a late response, I closed the shop down for a while and the renew feature was not turned off. I refunded anyone who submitted a renewal via PayPal when I was alerted of the payments. @roany
  3. @ace_001 can you send me a Pm with your paypal email? i'll issue a refund ASAP and make sure the proxies are renewed
  4. @Deathofpk Yes, they are 100% private and not shared!
  5. @dillonb Hi, was this issue reported to us via email? as I could not find a ticket. Feel free to PM me and i'd be happy to make this situation right for you. Thanks!
  6. @diar @gabrielspecter Finally home and settled in, I've issued everyone their refunds i believe yesterday and have put in the work order for the renewals and they will be done today/early tomorrow, same time frame for when stock will be uploaded to purchase.
  7. @Worthy @Glaunt @gabrielspecter @roany I operate the site alone in my spare time. I was recently sent to China by my job and had trouble accessing any of my stuff. I thought I had taken the renewal purchases down before I left, but evidently I did not, and apologize. I'll be renewing the proxies for free and refunding users later tonight when I settle in and more proxies will be back in stock soon (2 days or so). My apologies for the issues.
  8. @Glaunt Your initial reply was blank, but we got the reply you sent in after. It wasn't responded to because we don't offer support on the weekends, only weekdays. It'll be resolved and renewed Monday (tomorrow). In the future please be careful when entering the IP you wish to renew on the form, thanks!
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