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  1. @Gh0sty 500 Watts is enough, I've already agreed on that. When you are building any PC you want a PSU 30% higher than your calculated draw power. That's not my opinion, but consensus. The return is definitely not marginal if you run your PC to bot 24/7. It's a return of $36+ dollars per year, even at 12 hours it's $18 a year and in general a better quality PSU than those lower rated.
  2. @Gh0sty You generally always want 30% higher than the rated wattage of your build. In skimping I was speaking regarding the efficiency rating. Gold or Platinum rated WILL save you plenty of money over time. You can lose a lot of energy when the PSU is converting, over time it adds up to a good amount of $. So in the long run you'll save money and also make sure your components are further protected. I've built plenty of HTPCS (use to have a business for this) and other PCs. Just sharing my experience. You can see in real time the difference between bronze and gold here, a 20 wattage difference:
  3. @Gh0sty 500w is enough your right, but i'd never suggest skimping on PSU, I'd recommend getting a Gold+ PSU, saves you money over time in electricity and is less likely to fail or harm your other components. Fully Modular is also very nice for cable management and aesthetics.
  4. @Clonky1 Hi, there are on-going issues with the BTC payment method that the admin is working diligently to fix. We totally understand your frustration and can assure you we too are frustrated to let our customers down while the issue is being worked on. It should be up and working soon, I will try to get you an ETA. In the meantime feel free to PM me and I will sell you the credits for BTC if you wish.
  5. @lets be friends this is a great quality free script! Does it support the new "crab claw" island? as that island is less populated and less susceptible to crashing.
  6. @mallaki I see, they were tested and the speed was fine and worked when tested to create an account (with recaptcha) so we had thought the issue was resolved. Not sure why a reply was not sent. However if the issues are still on-going we'd be happy to replace them or something else to your liking even though we can not replicate the issue. Thanks.
  7. @mallaki Hi, I'm extremely sorry to hear that. That should definitely not be the case. Please submit a ticket on the site letting us know which and we will definitely test them and solve the issue for you. We will also extend your proxies for the days they were slow. Thanks.
  8. @RedHawkLuffy check the guide section on our site. It will show you how to apply a proxy to the maxthon browser for creating accounts. In the future please submit a ticket for customer support. The thread is meant for sales inquiry and questions. Thanks.
  9. Blast furnace is a monitored area, it does not matter what script you use there, you will get banned eventually.
  10. @Duhstin Ah, i answered this was hoping other's would see it above. Didn't want to send out a spam e-mail for it. RSGP is currently down till Sunday. We had a bug with it and the developer is fixing it. I can manually process your order by hand if need be, just pm me your skype.