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  1. Will there be another sale? I couldn't buy it when the sale was happening because I don't have time to bot ATM :/
  2. Damn, I wanted to buy it a few days later because I won't be able to use it the first days
  3. It's actually only 50% off, but I will definitely buy this now
  4. How many hours per day do you recommend on a fresh alt account? Also, after Jagex working hours, I guess?
  5. @TacoManStan How many hours per day do you recommend botting with this script on a main account?
  6. I still have one more question, is it possible to make ($19.99 back from the one month, one auth + 2 bonds + 1 month of VIP) back in 1 month with a 20m cash stack?
  7. I have the same problem :/ Almost no scripts are working atm.
  8. Is it possible to make those $19.99 back with 1 account with a 20m cash stack?
  9. If you bot this like 6 hours a day, after how many days would you be banned?
  10. Would it be dumb to bot this on my main account like 12 hours per day after UK working time?
  11. How much gp/h would you make on 1 account with 30m?
  12. Is it possible getting banned by doing this 24/7? If yes, is it also possible to get banned by doing this like 12 hours per day?
  13. Yeah, I said that I was using looking glass