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  1. My bot is not grabbing the current equipment nothing suspicious on the bot or client debug any ideas Worthy?
  2. Its kind a look like laggy but I thought thats because my paint delay is 60, I am trying to get in the lowest ping.I am not using any proxies I am using LG .I am going to try to change RAM and see what happens. Thank you for your help guys hope the RAM will work
  3. I am still having the problem that I am dying 2 times out of 3.I am going to give all the information maybe theres something I didnt try. I have stats that should give me 2 kills per trip. My computer has 16gb ram 2.60ghz İ7 new generation My mouse speed 180, paint delay 60, I give priority to the osbuddy through task manager, did everything on the thread(including something is not working).Lite mode open.I am not working any other program except tribot and osbuddy when I bot.When I first bought the computer bot did work flawlessy.But now bot seems do die in diffrent ways so the problem is about my computer or in my settings. Help me out here guys.
  4. I did increas paint delay (40) didnt work. Now I am going to increase my mouse speed and I am going to try f keys Thank you for your guys helping me.
  5. No no you got me wrong I am not saying it doesnt work all the time. Dont know how to make a gif but let me explain İts has to pray range and magic rapidly in that face but its doing range-magic than stops and opens the inventory taking the range damage from zulrah and trying to eat. I even tried to disabling graphics thats way I dont think its computer problem.Tried "something is not working" part of the thread fully read the thread done all of them. Thats way I am writing the problem here. Maybe you have some other ideas?
  6. I am always trying to look for this things before I bother you. I have 16 gb ram my cpu usage wont go more than %40 and I always close everything before I begin the bot Thats way I post the problem. Thank you for your attention.
  7. Pattern:Red_one Phase:Jad_ranged Bot wont change prayers after second attack is anyway had this problem Can you pls check it Worthy
  8. I had the same issue since tomorrow.Today its even get worst in the blue phase it didnt even prayed magic Worthy help us
  9. Is there anybody else having a problem with the bot today? Normally I am doing 12 kill an hour 2 kills per trip. Today my bot only did one kill per trip and overall 7 kills 5 deaths an hour.There was more than 3 diffrent dying types. My computer is pretty good so I dont think its computer related.
  10. Because of the original problem of stucking in "downloading script" I still cant use any scripts. Again tahnk you for help YoHojo I would like the hear if you ahve other ideas to fix this. Maybe @iFluffee can help with this problem.
  11. Didnt work.One more info btw.After I start the script and nothing happens.I tried the click start script again and it says "A script is already running.You cant run multiple scripts." Thank you for the help YoHojo.
  12. I believe this is what you want.Hope we can find the solution to this.
  13. Thank you for the help.But I already tried that and there is nothing blocking Tribot connection
  14. Hi guys I use the run my script with no problem.I bought a new pc now script wont load on this one. İt says "Downloading Script" then nothing happens it just stays like that.I tried find a solution from forums but there is nothing helpful And I tried most obvious solutions.Waiting for your help.Thank you already.
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