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  1. wow was i stoned, i said double clicks over and over again. I ment to say it right clicks. It just needs to make sure if the low lvl imp gets released to catch another one so your high lvl imps are safe. sorry for my confusion man.
  2. Yes i use imp repellant. Yeah it double clicks and it does not get any low lvl imps, but this is a problem because when the 1 low lvl imp it bring with gets released every other time the defenders free 1 it is one of your high lvl imps. It never attempts to catch another low lvl imp so your high lvls are safe. you also should make it bring more than 1 low lvl with.
  3. Another tip for the bot would be to add an option so you can choose what imps you want to use snare on. like you can set it to snare magpie,ninja and drag but set it to catch nature without snaring them. This way you can camp 1 world and force spawn high lvl imps. It actually gets really high gp/hr doing it that way. not many drags but alot of magpies.
  4. ugh. I honestly cannot leave it run without babysitting it now. I liked how it was running before this update, now it just stays in the maze catching the same imps and sometimes having time to catch a different one than one that wasnt. This needs to be fixed i cannot even run the script with it doing this i have to keep clicking so it catches a random imp. Or atleast just make it so i can actually choose to not right cick and the option work.
  5. and for some reason no matter if i uncheck it or check it. It always double clicks, I would rather it not ecause it like can't finish a trip without catching the same imps like 10 times or more.
  6. Yeah after the update the script never gets low lvl imps, a bit to good actually lol. It keeps not having a low imp in its inv and than the defender keeps freeing 1 of my high lvls and it chases it and has to catch it all over again. can you make it so it always keeps 1 low lvl in the inv at all time for the defenders.
  7. Yes and I have been waiting for that long, when i first purchased my pin you were online. than as soon as i got skype installed you went offline. I sent you the information you require to figure this out and get my pin to me.
  8. And i did not post this with the format because the person is not a scammer, it is just very poor service and he will not reply to me. So i am just looking for help from another mod in the mean time, so i can findout if someone infact used my pin before it showed up on his website for me. but this is the link to his thread https://tribot.org/forums/topic/13041-moderator-verified-reseller-instant-tribot-vip-vouchers-extended-vip-paypalrsgpmbbtcgcs/page-45 and you can see i posted multiple times and have been trying to get ahold of him regarding this and received no service. Idk if another mod is even able to findout who used my pin, but the pin i received from his website showsup as an invalid key. and if someone infact did say they were me and he just gave them my pin i want the person who stole it to get banned for doing it.
  9. Hello, I don't know if this belongs in this section but i really need some help and i have yet to be able to get ahold of "The Black Tux" regarding this issue. So here is what happend, I purchased a VIP pin from his website using my paypal account. The website says the pin will showup instantly but it did not, i posted in his thread saying it wasn't showing up and that i did not have skype installed and was installing it now and i also posted my email and told him not to give anyone my pin without confirming it was me. My internet is very slow and skype took about an hour to actually install, by the time it finished installing my pin actually showed up on his website. But when i enter it on tribot i am told it is an invalid pin. I believe someone probably added him and told him my email and he gave them my pin without having them confirm anything like the transaction number. If this is the case than i want to findout who stole my pin and i want them banned for doing it. I have been trying to get ahold of The Black Tux for over 2 hours now and have yet to receive a reply over skype or on the forums even though he was online for the entire first hour i was posting in his thread. I really need my VIP back, and i am just starting to get really mad over the situation, and i do not want to revert the payment untill i know what happend or i see if it can be resolved another way. If another mod could please assist me i would greatly appreciate it.
  10. I have not run into this bug at all, when it leaves the guild the gaurd stops attacking you. Make sure you wear ring of life you will be fine
  11. running great my client bugged out after 33 hours and i lost my proggy. 1 thing i have noticed that needs to be fixed is if someone is standing on the competition guy the script cannot find him and will just stand there. This does not happen often but if it does it ruins exp/hr for everyone in that world, so id suggest fixing it. Thanks tri!
  12. realized a bug. isn't really a big issue as i dont think it will happend often. But occasionally when it missclicks and runs behind the target and it runs back to the right area it glitches out and never starts shooting at the target again it just stand there without moving the mouse untill it times out and logs out than it will login again and the script will start shooting again. I am getting this issue running it in speed mode. Like i said isnt a big issue bc it doesnt happend often and it does start back up again after it relogs in but figured id let you know.
  13. just started running it, so far the update is working flawlessly. I will post a proggy latter gonna get a 10+ hour one.
  14. I dont think so or he woulde posted. I updated vans range guilder so it runs decently but not perfect if you want a copy of it pm me. also on osbot.org there is a free one that runs very nicely.
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