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  1. Bot is really cool. Bought it yesterday, however having shit luck, I will post pictures if I get some drops. haha
  2. Hey, I really want to purchase this script, However Im curious, Can i run 2 masters and 4 slaves each? considering I want to buy the lifetime for 10 accounts
  3. I have the same problem/had, I will make a post about it later I guess, which might help you, its a diet to gain muscle+weight efficient However its a pain to do.
  4. Do you actually want to lose weight or gain muscle? For losing weight the easy thing to do is drink a ton of water and eat vegatables. and do cardio. but if you want to turn 'fat' (assuming we are talkin about this) into muscle I would recommend different things.
  5. ^ I do 3 sets of 30 never really bothered to push it to the max.
  6. it is unhealty, because it is to low, but if you can stay healty + Work out in the right way, it works out. However this is just so low because, of the diet / program im doing atm to gain weight/muscles, Im happy to share this with you though
  7. Uhm lets say, I didnt accomplish it the 'fair' way I was #1 for about a week in 2010+-. Playing Legit is a big word.. But the game was enjoyable I defenitly Enjoyed pking with the EP system. and BH system on the side the account was shared with someone else which did most of the work. uhm 1.83m 69KG 4% body fat which is around 6'05 and 152Lbs Started the diet im following about 20days ago gained 3-4KG since. Looks like this community is active
  8. Hi, Thought, I would introduce myself, Im Ritchy im 21years old. I study international business management, play sports and online games. I played Rs got maxed out was #1 overall once. Now I kinda lost joy in the game, considering Jagex turned on alot of people including me. However I play league of legends and Hit the gym on a daily base to get shred;) Got my owe diet and stuff aswell. I have been active on farious forums, and Im looking forwards to be active on this one. on the side if you have any questions feel free to ask. Rgds, Ritchy