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  1. Seems to keep using raw food on the npc (Karim) in Al Kharid range. It doesn't always happen though.
  2. How do you make it so it banks at the GE? I'm using a non-preset location and it's banking at V west bank, but I'm pretty sure the GE is closer.
  3. Trees

    Romeo and Juliet

    Works great, maybe add logout when quest finished?
  4. Well, I believe that isInterfaceValid checks if the interface itself is null or not. But yes, you need to check if the child exists or not (null check).
  5. Draynor banking is still really bad, it runs towards the bank then back to the trees, then it realizes it never banked and zigzags back and forth. Very bot like. EDIT: Also having huge lag issues with this script, disabling the paint seems to fix most of them.
  6. What OS are you using? I can potentially set up 10-15 VMs on Azure for free and I was wondering which would be the easiest.
  7. Not sure what other people do but I only bot 2-3 accounts per proxy. For accounts that I can't risk getting banned I will dedicate a proxy to them. After an account is banned the proxy shouldn't be used anymore.
  8. Trees

    Account Functions

    Maybe want to add something to clear the cookies because I think it will error if you are already logged in.
  9. Who would want to hack your account after botting for 1 day rofl? If one of the developers of those scripts hacked you (which they didn't), don't you think they would go after someone with a bit more gold...?
  10. His skype is in his signature...
  11. Seems to have a lot of trouble with clicking moving targets, maybe because it selects the next target before the current one is killed? Not sure if it's a script problem or tribot problem. EDIT: It also attacks a monster and then walks away to target another monster a lot. Very bot like.
  12. You need to change the file association from WinRar to Java.
  13. Would do some more, but now I feel like I have carpal tunnel. Xmouse_data-10328-1432214597951.dat
  14. Lol? I don't think that this script caused your ban mate. Been using it for days on many accounts and no ban. @Druid It would be nice if the script had a feature to walk to the closest bank. I understand it may be difficult to code, but maybe there's an easy way to do it.
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