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  1. my client crashes if I run a script and then use my mouse to click or exit text for the bot.. even if I press spacebar my client will crash
  2. my client will not open after i downloaded what was required for the looking glass and now my bot will not open and its pissing me the fuck off,.
  3. nagel69

    Vip to vip E

    I followed what the website told me, I clicked the page and went all the way down and there is no option to upgrade my vip to vip - E I have the difference in credits too
  4. it puts my equipment on then logs out instantly? says im missing items but they are in my bank? this script is broken
  5. literally if you die while hunting black chins then the script just stops and says you have insufficient traps whenever I have 6,000 in my bank.
  6. wouldn't recommend this for farming gp on dmm, the bot is just super simple and can't recognize that it cannot open a certain door without going through the first door? gets stuck constantly on stupid things like that. For normal osrs worlds sure, this is probably the only script i would not recommend tho
  7. the bot gets stuck in corp cave and spams the games necklace till it's out of charges. does not work currently for me,
  8. nagel69

    Buying 40 credits

    I'll give osrs gold just tell me how many credits and your price, thanks
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