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  1. Phone your provider and upgrade to faster internet. It'll not only help with bots but it'll help with your own gameplay. Money well spent
  2. Highly doubt it was this script unless you suicided it. I've got 16m+ exp using this script not a single ban Also dax. Could you add a option to eat at a chosen % using this on Deadman mode and it's risky letting your Hp go so low because of people killing me as a target
  3. I've not been banned. Already got a 99 skill on dmm 100% botted I cba with legit. No bans and no warnings
  4. I love this script. A few issues of sorted out could be a premium script. With it being free I don't mind babysitting the bot to fix is the issues it comes up against A+ Best free script I've used
  5. I noticed this on the free trial. So when it was the rest of the cake I'll buy it then. I'll keep watching this forum for a fix so I know when to buy
  6. Hmm was gonna get this script. I think I'll avoid until I read some positive comments
  7. Byw I must say I personally wouldn't risk using this bot on my main. In fact I don't bot at all on my main I only bot to gold farm so if I was you stop using this on your main use it on your other accounts to gold farm. If you don't have other accounts make one. It's worth the effort on making a new account to gold farm zulrah then it is to remake a main account of yours gets banned. That's just me tbh. I have a maxed main 2100+ total lvl all legit. I have a second account almost maxed but only 900 ish total lvl due to t being my gold farmer for zulrah and I wouldn't care if that got banned
  8. Yeah try crossbow instead of pipe it does have a longer range and shouldn't need to go closer to attack
  9. You running another bot in back ground? Or playing or downloading? This is a very high proformance script meaning it needs a fast internet connection, good computer and you can't be running multiple scripts as it will lag and cause the prayers to delay
  10. Has this script been priced at $125 because of the update and has discouraged users from buying it or has it always been $125?
  11. My 2 week auth ends on Tuesday and I'm pretty unable to use it since Last update on Thursday so I've had 9 days use out of 14 I wouldn't expect a big discount on next purchase but a discount is still appreciated. Your also welcome to use my account for testing purposes if you don't have one yourself
  12. I've noticed my bot die several times now it's becoming quite common the bot tries to tank the smoke praying wrong and not attacking it gets ko'd fast!
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