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  1. thanks worthy sounds gooood also sometikmes i feel like the bot afks because it cant click on zulrah
  2. also does turning off prayer for non attacking phases only apply to mage only builds?
  3. but what if my ring of recoil is left down to like 10 from last fight will it renew it and bring a 40 ring of recoil?
  4. when would u guys recommend using the extra ring of recoil option in the gui? for multikills only? also can my account even do multi kill with 85 mage 75 range?
  5. maybe dedicated server
  6. i think when he was talking about the bot attempting a kill after picking up loot from death, he meant that the bot doesn't get food and supplies from bank before picking up lost items from death to gear for another kill its almost a wasted teleport when it could just regear and then pick up the stuff lost from death.
  7. one thing i notice is that it withdraws exact amt of money it plans to spend from bank at start, maybe it would look more human if it clicked withdraw all and deposited leftovers at the end? also after purchasing all the items it was afk stuck on depositing all, idk how long it was afk there but i came back like 12 minutes later also when it withdraws best gear for acc to do quests in and it trains crafting to lvl 10 it doesn't deposit the items used to train crafting to level 10 before banking for gear and equiping it. So while it has 27 slots filled with leather chaps and bodies for training crafting it withdraws one piece of gear at a time and equips it and repeats, instead of banking all the crafting stuff and equipping all the gear in one go.
  8. V2 keeps bugging out at varrock course it keeps afking randomly right at the start of course near rotten tomato guy, i checked in time and saw bot just afk trying to buy rotten tomatoes, and everytime the bots stop this is in the debug. [08:00:50] The script didn't gain any xp in 5 minutes. Logging out! [08:00:50] If you think this was an error, you can disable this in the settings! (Behavior -> Misc settings) [08:00:50] Position: (3226, 3414, 0) - 42304 - false - 30 [08:00:50] Script debug: 1002, 1200, 1201, 1203, 1204, 1205, 0, 0, 0, 10586, 0, 1, 1207, 1600, 1602, 1603, 1604, 1606, [08:00:50] Current Obstacle: 0 - 300000 [08:00:50] misc debug: 258 - 93 and then script ended like i said i came in time to see one of bots just afk in the rotten tomato store next to course start
  9. i think you should find your own method and then hire a scripter, gl tho.
  10. should i make my post calling out admins again? it worked last time for fixing repo
  11. any idea what the admins are considering before approving this script? u missing some requirements or something?
  12. gl my credits are going to the homeless
  13. Sorry lad was mb, but i think if u made a video or gif of how to do it it might be easier for ppl who have never used arguments
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