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  1. Repository might be experiencing some technical difficulties from Tribot right now, also scripts can't be run for longer than 15 minutes at a time because of a bug. Recommend waiting for an update on the situation from admins before attempting to do anything else!
  2. It's a Tribot issue right now, everyone is experiencing the same problem. Just have to wait for an update from admins!
  3. thats bogus i got perm banned for 10 minutes of runecrafting on my main xD
  4. Yeah I was wondering about this too, just staring at ge screen waiting for offers all day. I thought it logged out every now and then
  5. By reducing false alarms, I believe he is referring to when the bot says "Pkers detected, teleporting out!" Then after you get to the Grand Exchange it says, "False alarm" And when I look at the screen before the bot teleports away, it does appear that it was indeed a false alarm. When it teleports out successfully from an actual threat of pkers I believe it doesn't say false alarm. (Basically when it says false alarm in the bottom (idk what it's called) I think it means it teleported out when there weren't actually any pkers)
  6. As the number one user you might have noticed this, but is it just me or does the bot bug out when banking/respawning at lumrbdige every so often. Not everytime, but at random times, for instance when it teleports to Grand Exchange every couple of trips it will decide to randomly run towards the wilderness ditch which makes it run all the way around the side of the Grand Exchange wall, and when I was watching a Lumbridge respawn one time, it started attempting to run towards Varrock instead of doing it's normal banking at Lumbridge. (Once again these issues happen every certain number of trips, not every trip!)
  7. Try normally playing and recording yourself watch it over then watch the different mouse speeds on bot to pick the one closest to you.
  8. Hey I'd like to buy 5 credits! Do you have discord?
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