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  1. Big Shout-out to Erick, 75-99 ranged on my 1 defense pure! 2nd 99 with this script, yet to get even a 2 day.
  2. Very odd, this script got me 85-99 str, and ran 70-72 attack today, got immediately banned for 1 day. Awesome script, but not sure what happened.
  3. I andy

    TRiBot Release 9.223_0

    I'm getting the same error as everyone else, won't even open the actual client up.
  4. That's awesome man, I really appreciate the quick replies. The problem is that I am 1 defense, so when I go back to 51HP, everything hits freely since I am 1 defense and black demons themselves can hit 25s.... I get a little close to dying lol
  5. Any way to make it absorb all the way to like 900HP, as a 1 defense pure using the Dharok absorption method, I almost die (and sometimes do) when my overload wears off. My HP jumps to 51, and then with only like 70 absorption points, I get hit super hard by everything in Demon Hard, usually hitting through all 70 absorption I have in seconds. There's really nothing you lose if it absorbs way higher than like 50
  6. I can't figure out how to make this script withdraw overloads from the barrel, is this supported?
  7. My one concern after buying this script is, why not make it look more AFK like while training combat? Like, just take the mouse to the furthest side of the screen (to make it look like we are doing other things with our computer). Currently it sits there right clicking on the ground etc... Is there any way you could change this or is it client sided? Otherwise, awesome script man!
  8. I'm looking to buy this script but I want to know about the update... rather not get banned lol
  9. I andy

    daxChins [9/21/2014]

    Would post a really nice proggy for you but I can't get it to work. Keeps saying that these image sites aren't allowed. Oh well lol
  10. I can't purchase this script because it doesn't meet Anti-ban requirements...
  11. I dont know man it just stopped working for me it just clicks the combat thing then does literally nothing
  12. All I am really asking for is a script I can run 20 hours a day just like I did with DevYews... Big shoutout to whoever made that script got 60-90 woodcutting in a week man thanks. To lazy to look up who did it but anyways at my level I've found that magic trees are actually better gp/h which no one really thinks yews may be faster but magic trees are like.. real talk money. So help please <3<3 :* .. if anyone actually makes a good script I'll give nudes (upon request)
  13. Yo 1 question, I'm still getting quite low gp / hour.. Should I have it catch nature implings as well to spawn rarer imps?