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  1. @Tri Noticing the script is not hopping when someone talks in my area. I have those settings selected and have my area set up. Any reason this would be happening? Any chance you could add the spell - String Jewellery? (lunars)
  2. Yojoedude's credit shop! (1.1m ea! - $1.1 Btc each)

    I'd like to buy 12.99 credits please! @yojoedude
  3. That spam click feature with be sexy...
  4. @Worthy I've experienced the same thing. Zulrah comes up from the swamp, and the script clicks on it to attack, but the click doesn't register. Maybe because the animation isn't over?
  5. Troubleshooting - Something not working? If you are experiencing a problem, there is a high chance it is a TRiBot or Looking Glass issue. Take a look around the recent posts of the main Zulrah thread. Are other people experiencing the same issue as you? If you are the only one, theses steps below will default all of your settings, to rule out almost all TRiBot and Looking Glass issues. Follow these steps before filling out a bug report form: Close all TRiBot clients Delete hooks.dat: WINDOWS VERSION, MAC VERSION (click for tutorial) ADDITIONALLY delete the 'dependencies' folder in the .tribot folder IF using Looking Glass, default OSBuddy settings (click for tutorial) If Runescape has updated (usually on Thursdays), restart your client twice. You may need to reset your Jagex cache if item names / information updated. To do this, delete all folders starting with 'jagexcache' in your user directory. On Windows this could be: 'C:\Users\worthy\jagexcache' or 'C:\Users\worthy\jagexcache1' etc. Delete all folders. Launch the original Runescape Oldschool downloadable client to redownload a good game cache and then try using TRiBot / OSBuddy again.
  6. Follow the new section of the "Documentation" (can be found on the first page / first post about detecting your tribot folder. First you might try restarting the client...
  7. Best gear is Void mage AND range? Both?
  8. Ok...so what do you suggest using? Void mage/range? Ahrims hood?
  9. What travel method do most people use to get to Zulrah? While the scrolls are easily the fastest...are the worth the costs? EDIT: Thoughts on using serp helm? Seems like it's good as it prevents becoming venom'd, I'd imagine it's lower cost to use than anti-venom pots, and it saves an inventory space. What do others use?
  10. Would love to see your settings! I've been tweaking the settings around and have added kills per hour, but not like that your suggesting.