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  1. @daxmagex Would love to discuss this with you and hopefully purchase the script. Let me know when you have time. Thanks in advance for the open lines of communication.
  2. @YoHoJo Completely understand the logic. As a buyer however, I will never know if I don't ask, hence the DM. There are a few scriptures (including "major") that offer lifetime options.
  3. No issue at all. I'm interested in single auth for a lifetime duration. Hence the DM. Can you advise @YoHoJo
  4. @Tri There is an issue with Guthans switching. When it switches to Guthans to heal, it only switched back the weapon but not the other armor that was equipped before.
  5. Auto Wintertodt Pro

    @Encoded Does this support resetting HP and Prayer using the clan wars method? (i.e. teleport to clan wars after game, enter portal, teleport back to Wintertodt, repeat)
  6. @Tri My script starts, attacks a NPC and then does nothing after the first kill. Won't loot, won't attack another NPC. Any ideas as to what this is happening/how to solve? Been like this for the majority of the day