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Everything posted by Joeicus

  1. It's the same as I had previously sent you
  2. Yeah, I was on a couple of worlds with 67. I went from 3 minute kills to 5 minute kills within like the past 2 hours.
  3. The servers seem to be trash lately :\
  4. I did, I think it was just the world that I was on.
  5. I just bought the script and it works amazing! However on the jad phase it seems to switch the prayers too slow for me. My computer isn't slow, and I see zero lag with looking glass. Is there anything I could do to make the script switch the prayers quick enough so I do not get destroyed during the jad phase? Edit: Hmm, maybe the worlds were slow? I do not see this happening anymore as of right now.
  6. Joeicus

    How to know if the world is full?

    It says full.
  7. Joeicus

    Next 99 to go for?

    You could always do combat instead
  8. Joeicus

    Next 99 to go for?

    Always worked just fine for me.
  9. Joeicus

    Next 99 to go for?

    Cooking - Sigma Cooker
  10. Joeicus

    Tutorial for Safe Botting

    If you plan on keeping the account then do not bot on it again at all, but if it is a throw away account, then you might as well start right where you left off.
  11. I haven't used this script in forever but if a break kicks in mid-game, it will break when the game is over, correct?
  12. Loving this script, I may have to buy the lifetime version here when my 14 days are up
  13. Oh wow... I was just on that page as well. I guess I missed it, thank you!
  14. How much gp/hr would an account make at the motherload mine at the following mining levels? 55 mining - /hr 70 mining - /hr 85 mining - /hr
  15. Joeicus

    USA Dragon Killer [500k/hr+][ABCL]

    How long does an account usually last with this script if you don't suicide?
  16. Joeicus

    Not sure what to do...

    Why does everyone say woodcutting is a high ban rate? I've had friends run accounts for like 10 hours a day for over a month each before moving on.
  17. @codydemmel4 If you look back, he did fix it, and I can vouch for it.