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  1. I used LG doing 5-8 hour sessions for 3 days and got banned as well. Pretty sure I got caught due to the horrible lag that caused me to die a lot on the last day.
  2. It's the same as I had previously sent you
  3. Yeah, I was on a couple of worlds with 67. I went from 3 minute kills to 5 minute kills within like the past 2 hours.
  4. The servers seem to be trash lately :\
  5. I did, I think it was just the world that I was on.
  6. I just bought the script and it works amazing! However on the jad phase it seems to switch the prayers too slow for me. My computer isn't slow, and I see zero lag with looking glass. Is there anything I could do to make the script switch the prayers quick enough so I do not get destroyed during the jad phase? Edit: Hmm, maybe the worlds were slow? I do not see this happening anymore as of right now.
  7. How to know if the world is full?

    It says full.
  8. Bot ban = main account ban?

    Do not trade any items to or from your main.
  9. Budget Bot Rig

    Is the CPU the only real concern when it comes to building a bot rig for osrs? I know nothing about building computers so I'm about to go check out some guides really quick as I wait to get out of this class period.
  10. Budget Bot Rig

    What VPS would you recommend?
  11. Budget Bot Rig

    Would I be able to build a rig that could run 12-15 clients without looking glass for under $400? If so, would anyone be able to put one together for me? I know absolutely nothing about computers. I do not want anything fancy, just what is needed.
  12. Nobody believes me L0L

    The ExNightmareZone is only $10