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  1. Hell yeah man. I've made two 1 defence pures and one piety pure, only received a 2-day ban.
  2. If you want to lose weight then change your eating habits.
  3. "for a 2 months less 2 weeks in between "
  4. It has already been stated numerous amount of times that the TRiBot client is not detectable.
  5. If you're not having any luck with the regular client, then you most likely wont have any luck with looking glass either.
  6. Why does everyone say woodcutting is a high ban rate? I've had friends run accounts for like 10 hours a day for over a month each before moving on.
  7. @codydemmel4 If you look back, he did fix it, and I can vouch for it.
  8. Account with minimum quests requirements. Account with more than the minimum quests requirements.
  9. @erickho123 The self-hosting feature is fixed if you have more than five quests required for nmz, but if you do not and you only have the required quests for mtd then no, it is not fixed. I'm not trying to sound rude or anything but maybe you should actually try it out for yourself on an account that only has the following quests completed. Mountain daughter: Gnome tree villageLost cityVampire slayerFight arenaMountain daughterAs I stated before, when asking for a dream on an account with the minimum required quests you only get the option, "previous rumble hard" and not an option that says, "previous custom." 6,000 coins is also deducted from the coffer instead of 24,000. Now you may tell me to just go to the option that says "rumble hard" in the gui right? Well I've done that and it gets stuck at the interface before entering the dream just as it would if I had selected the custom game option.
  10. @erickho123 I've actually found an issue for people who host themselves. There are no errors or anything because the script works perfectly fine on my other accounts, but when you're self hosting and asking for a dream it will say, "previous rumble hard" and the gui looks like this without the "previous options" button that would be found below cancel on other accounts with more than 5 quests required for nmz.
  11. @erickho123 Still doesn't seem to be working for me as I just tried it and it still gets stuck at the new gui. I've opened up a new client and everything as well. When the game I put it in is over I'll be sure to make a report. Edit: Never mind, it was probably a problem on my end or something because I loaded it up on a different account of mine and it worked just fine. Thank you for the update man!
  12. You idiots aren't supposed to be talking about bans on this thread. You guys probably deserved the bans as well so...