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  1. I used LG doing 5-8 hour sessions for 3 days and got banned as well. Pretty sure I got caught due to the horrible lag that caused me to die a lot on the last day.
  2. It's the same as I had previously sent you
  3. Yeah, I was on a couple of worlds with 67. I went from 3 minute kills to 5 minute kills within like the past 2 hours.
  4. The servers seem to be trash lately :\
  5. I did, I think it was just the world that I was on.
  6. I just bought the script and it works amazing! However on the jad phase it seems to switch the prayers too slow for me. My computer isn't slow, and I see zero lag with looking glass. Is there anything I could do to make the script switch the prayers quick enough so I do not get destroyed during the jad phase? Edit: Hmm, maybe the worlds were slow? I do not see this happening anymore as of right now.
  7. It says full.
  8. Do not trade any items to or from your main.
  9. Is the CPU the only real concern when it comes to building a bot rig for osrs? I know nothing about building computers so I'm about to go check out some guides really quick as I wait to get out of this class period.
  10. What VPS would you recommend?
  11. Would I be able to build a rig that could run 12-15 clients without looking glass for under $400? If so, would anyone be able to put one together for me? I know absolutely nothing about computers. I do not want anything fancy, just what is needed.
  12. The ExNightmareZone is only $10