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  1. Oh wow... I was just on that page as well. I guess I missed it, thank you!
  2. How much gp/hr would an account make at the motherload mine at the following mining levels? 55 mining - /hr 70 mining - /hr 85 mining - /hr
  3. How long does an account usually last with this script if you don't suicide?
  4. Hell yeah man. I've made two 1 defence pures and one piety pure, only received a 2-day ban.
  5. If you want to lose weight then change your eating habits.
  6. It has already been stated numerous amount of times that the TRiBot client is not detectable.
  7. If you're not having any luck with the regular client, then you most likely wont have any luck with looking glass either.
  8. Why does everyone say woodcutting is a high ban rate? I've had friends run accounts for like 10 hours a day for over a month each before moving on.
  9. @codydemmel4 If you look back, he did fix it, and I can vouch for it.