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  1. Hey guys, I've taken a year out of goldfarming and was interested in returning, however was wondering what the state of goldfarming is at the moment with bans and profitability. Have Jagex made any major improvements in their botwatch systems over the past year? Has Tribot made any monumental leaps in overcoming Jagex's detection systems? Thanks, Alzimondo
  2. Alzimondo

    Gold price

    Will gold price ever go back up? On that note, should I stockpile the gold I'm goldfarming currently for a higher price, or just sell it at the current low rates? What would you do?
  3. You can pay monthly and yes, you can cancel. If you buy yearly, you have to pay for the entire year up front, but you save in the long run. I got the bug fixed by the way, if you do buy a VPS, MAKE SURE YOU MUTE IN-GAME SOUNDS!!!!! A friend told me about this, if you don't MUTE IN-GAME SOUNDS your clients will crash.
  4. Hi there guys, Using a VPS to run a goldfarm with DaxBlastfurnace and sometimes after a few hours, this happens: This results in the script stopping and usually, the client crashing and turning white. Does anybody know the cause and solution to this problem? Each client has 384mb of heap memory, so that should be enough to run one script. Thanks!
  5. Hey guys, Recently purchased a VPS from Virmach and it seems that after about 2 hours of running, the part of the client where Runescape is displayed turns white and I'm unable to do anything about it, other than restart the clients. In the log, it says something like "no action, 2 minutes, clearing memory". Not sure what this means, however are there any common problems that can cause something like what I'm experiencing? I'm running DaxBlastFurnace on 3 tabs per client, with 1024mb in the heap. Thanks!
  6. How many IP addresses is that overall then? Also, which VPS provider are you using, if you don't mind me asking? Also, do you use Looking Glass or nah?
  7. I was thinking about VPS, it also means I can play some games + sleep without my PC fans going wild On a serious note, do you think VPS generally offer less bans than proxies, possibly due to being less commonly used and thus flagged by Jagex? If I were to run a farm of 9bots suiciding over the weekend split over 3 IPs (the VPS IP and 2 proxies), would I be more or less likely to get banned than if I were using 9 separate proxies without a VPS? What would the optimal solution here be in terms of using flagged proxies/VPS?
  8. Proxiesnow is a proxy provider, Tiempo is saying that all of the ones they sell are flagged, so don't buy from Proxiesnow.com
  9. Well you do have a point, I used 6 proxies and 4/6 got banned, hence the majority of them as a percentage. Which proxy providers would you recommend, among yourself of course, Tiempo?
  10. Flagged to the point of an instant ban after 10 minutes of botting? If that's the case, what is the point in purchasing proxies, if they are actually a DETRIMENT to my farm?
  11. Hey guys, I bought 10 proxies from Proxiesnow yesterday, and despite being really cheap, 4/6 of my bots got banned within 10 minutes as members, so undoubtedly, the proxies were flagged and the 2 remaining accounts were using unflagged proxies. Anyway, I was wondering if I'd be better off not using any proxies at all and botting on my home IP, or alternatively using a VPS with a single proxy? Although proxies may prevent chain bans, when the majority of the ones I purchased were flagged, what's the point in using them at all? Moreover, I was wondering if anybody knew of any good proxy providers that aren't notorious for reselling flagged IPs, such as Proxiesnow and Proxyblaze. tl;dr, should I look for an alternate provider of proxies, use a VPS, or just use my home IP? Thanks!
  12. It's been almost 2 hours and I haven't received them yet, do I need to wait until somebody in America's awake to send them to me or something?
  13. I bought 10 proxies from them 20 minutes ago and the transaction is still 'pending'. How long can I expect to wait until I receive my proxies?
  14. Hey guys, was looking into setting up a farm again and was wondering if you guys knew any good proxy providers? I've used Socks5proxies in the past and they've been quite good, but 'proxiesnow' sell 10 for $20, however they may be terrible for all I know.
  15. So is it better to just stick with proxies in your mind?
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