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  1. Alzimondo

    The State of Goldfarming

    Hey guys, I've taken a year out of goldfarming and was interested in returning, however was wondering what the state of goldfarming is at the moment with bans and profitability. Have Jagex made any major improvements in their botwatch systems over the past year? Has Tribot made any monumental leaps in overcoming Jagex's detection systems? Thanks, Alzimondo
  2. Alzimondo

    LF Scripter, send me a PM

    Should be an easy job, just message me if you're interested. Thanks
  3. Alzimondo

    Private Script Request

    Please inbox me to discuss details
  4. Alzimondo

    Need some advice..

    The issue lies in that fact that you ran 6 accounts on a single IP. Don't do that. I'd do a maximum of 2 accounts per IP. Also, the IP itself may have already been flagged, depending on where you bought your proxy from.
  5. Alzimondo

    Got 15M 07 locked on level 3 accs (hotspot shield)

    Unrelated, but my mule (level 3, f2p) got banned yesterday with 18m on it. First time it's happened in 2 months
  6. Alzimondo

    Human Mouse Implementation

    Well it's working for me...
  7. Alzimondo

    Human Mouse Implementation

    HOW TO DISABLE IT FOR THE TIME BEING Courtesy of @Jebbyo Search %appdata% Open .tribot folder Go to settings There should be a file called 10408-mouse.dat (idk if numbers will be different or not) Right click and edit it ( I used notepad++) Delete everything in file Save it Right click file again and click Properties Click read only Save
  8. Alzimondo

    Human Mouse Implementation

    Thank you so much TRiLez! Just to clarify, will this increase CPU efficiency, or just the efficiency of the mouse movements themselves (increasing in-game XP rates etc)?
  9. Alzimondo

    Human Mouse Implementation

    Really? How do you disable it?
  10. Alzimondo

    Human Mouse Implementation

    Is it possible to add a feature to turn it off? Simply because I feel like it's causing my clients to lag more (unless it's something else), but my PC is almost unusable like this.
  11. Alzimondo

    Human Mouse Implementation

    Is this causing anyone else's clients to lag more? I find that I can't run as many clients as I could yesterday because if I run too many, my PC lags incredibly and my bots keep dying because the clients are lagging :/ Otherwise, great update!
  12. Alzimondo

    ExTutorial - Tutorial solver [ABCL 10] [ACCOUNT CREATOR]

    I think I've made like 40 or something so far haha, thanks a lot man, great script!
  13. My bot isn't able to trade properly, getting stuck on the accept trade screen (first screen), not sure what I'm doing wrong... I've contacted you on Skype regarding the issue