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  1. support this idea for sure. i have seen quite a few threads of this nature and i just facepalm praying for them all to see the light....
  2. i cant wait for trilez to post the real fastest time n bust everyones balls lol
  3. do you have the link he sent you? click the link and check the address bar and see if there the same
  4. yea i cant make a account legit, its something about watching exp per hour paints that so much more satisfying.
  5. just w8 for it to be incorporated my friend. the wait is soon to be over.
  6. now you wait, once trilez and erickho123 (my man crush) get that data incorporated (its more than just drag n drop a file) you will see a message in your client, be patient young one, for your time is near.
  7. personally i suggest cannon range to 60 while training slayer and get all attack quests done for your pure, and manuelly get 50 attack after that, hopefully in the time u get 60 range with your cannon and trainging slayer u can get a leaf bladed sword for 55 slayer and 50 attack and str by this time. at this point pay for someone to write you a completely unique script for either nmz or bandits and buy hella p pots, and do it that way. that way is my exact method right now and i have a completely botted besides 2 days manually for slayer 50 att 91 str 96 range 94 mage 1 def 90 hp lvl 75 alll botted.
  8. thats all there is to it, as long as yuouy have completed the quest
  9. @daxmagex is amazing beyond doubt, i completely recommend him up on antiban and perfection of coding scripts.
  10. @gmmulk01 i suggest trying waterfall and witches house first, then going right to getting 43 prayer if u plan on it, open up the botting area now. i will also say, spend the money on private scripts. not paid scripts, but real private scripts. its been well worth the investment so far for me my friend.
  11. jsut clears it up from script selector if you like to keep it clean
  12. do goblins>monks>flesh crawlers/chaos druids (for cash ) or rock crabs to 60 str, from 60 str>experiments/nmz/bandits my personal favorite is to get a pure 43 prayer and do ankou's to 99 str since each inv of p pots is usually 2.5 hours of monkey making + training plus not alot of people bot at ankous these days so its less monitored IMO
  13. rune scim will have better damage over time, i would suggest getting as max slash bonus as possible tho as well, will really help, also dont forget about brine sabres as well, gl m8
  14. gravedigging but, any suggested books?
  15. lol ^ +1 id say honestly worth about 175, just cause the 46 def is gg m8.
  16. mute m8, tried to pm you again about using an account to fix this, i jsut came back to my account with 4 clue scroll items and a full inv of sharks, with 22 chins equipped, and a glory, no other equipment AND i started with a fury.... like, idk if its client side or what but it blew me back got me scared to run this bot at all atm.
  17. i feel his pain honestly, this script is completely fucked. cant tele properly, doesn't detect clues if it banks it, thieves slower than sin, is completely bot like, accounts last 24 hours or less with this, COMPLETE waste atm. i tried getting a admin to check it and obv. his update that made unnoticable changes somehow passed as updated, but i've just chalked it up as a loss at this point myself.
  18. @TRiLeZ thank you so much for this adjustment, currently 3 done right now, recording a total of 20 to upload so i can feel like i "contributed" thanks much m8!, now everyone really has no excuse to not be recording there mouse data!
  19. so m8, idk if its a bot detection thing, or what is going on, but for some reason, after about 1-20 minutes, all the npc's stop respawning until a actual movement is made to another tile, its cause me to log out of 4+nmz games now, trying to watch it and it seems very consistent every 20 minutes or so. maybe add a failsafe to return to move tile randomly every 120-180 seconds @erickho123
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