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  1. The truest statement I've seen in a while.
  2. I could consider him not a hero, but more on the positive side. Corruption needs to be exposed. People should not be afraid of their governments, The governments should be afraid of their people.
  3. ...why?
  4. Thanks pal!
  5. Paradox just made me an amazing logo! You guys should check him out! Honestly best thing I've seen/had logo wise you guys should shoot him a PM <3
  6. Maybe discouraging, but in a proper way. I want to help them find a bot that will actually make them profit.
  7. Instead of complaining why not learn Java? Bowstring is so obsolete and bannable. If you still want to, some premium scripts make private scripts for big bucks.
  8. If I didn't the mods would jump all over me for a warning point or more </3
  9. Need graphics done, Skype: Chazcrocker Must show previous work.
  10. Sure, meet in India, world 325, Indian mage bank? Bring your cash pile, I'll bring all the dragonhide you need kappa. Jokes
  11. Wyd has alt accounts to post. Wyd has alt accounts to post.
  12. I wont say how dont worry but I found all about elmo and his de modding and I know about you @mute edit: smoke420 is here so yeah get down on that @moderators and he says hi
  13. skype: chazcrocker I got a few
  14. Skype chazcrocker