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  1. Does this script work well? I would like to do pyramid plunder for gp on my new ultimate iron man
  2. Aye I just bought a copy of your miner. I'm using it in Lumbridge East Swamp. I notice that it will hover over a second rock while mining, or right click on an action, but the mouse always moves away to a third rock to mine. This is pretty buggy, i'm going to stop using it.
  3. In my opinion Ethereum is the best choice
  4. 714

    Ban question

    Don't bot on an account you care about.
  5. I let my account run out of arrows for a few hits, so i'm assuming the bot does not log out when out of arrows or runes? That would be a nice feature if you haven't already added it in. That and if you haven't already, log out when out of food. Maybe it's in the GUI and I didn't notice. But it looks good, ran it for 40 minutes and got 1 - 17 range. Any progress reports 1hr + and i'll post them here and any other small issues I notice. Thanks man
  6. Just purchased, looking forward to trying this out. @Netami edit: Hey was wondering if there are any differences, as far as anti-ban and such, compared to other more popular auto fighters? I wanted to mix it up after being banned from another more popular combat script.
  7. The stun/alch feature isn't working. It will cast 'high alch' and be stuck in that mouse setting, try to click between inventory and spell book page over and over and over. I can lend an account to test, PM me Edit: high alching isn't working very well at all... ugh....
  8. 714

    Warning: Banned in 3 mins

    Your script is +++, I guess since I have already bought the script I may as well fuck around and try on a new account. It's a nice distraction.
  9. 714

    Warning: Banned in 3 mins

    I just wanted to make a cool 75 def pure. Oh well, I have more important stuff to focus on now anyways in real life :P. So it's probably a good thing I didn't start botting again.
  10. 714

    Warning: Banned in 3 mins

    This has never happened to me before. I've been botting on and off for the past 10 years. Last time I used a bot was In April when I did the same routine, Traded money over on a fresh lvl 3 and bought a bond. The account was fine for about a month until I got banned at pest control. So MAYBE my IP is flagged, if that was true why isn't my main perm banned also? You're right, it was probably moving the 10M over onto the level 3. But it's weird how they didn't ban my main also.
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