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  1. Purchased the diamond pack and I was not disappointed! VERY user friendly unlike many other VPS's that I've stumbled upon, and easy to set up at that. ProxyFish was more than willing to assist me in setting things up (he even installs the bots for you!) The server is fast and feels incredibly clean too so setting up your bots is a lot less frustrating. And of course the pricing is very fair. Overall, this is the best VPS around, and I recommend this to anybody in need of one.
  2. By that do you mean I should log on a proxy through the Tribot client? I avoided doing so because I thought it would put me at risk of being banned even more. But if you insist, then thank you for the suggestion, I'll definitely try it.
  3. Hi, so for the past two months my mules have been constantly getting chained banned. I suicide bot 15 accounts on a single proxy because I don't care if those 15 get chain-banned, and log into the mule on my home's ip. All of the mules were hand trained by me, usually up to 70/70/1 in melee stats, and each and every one of them were banned for macro (major) on a monday (which is usually when my bots get banned) even though I never bot on them. It's never even for RWT. When I transfer directly to the mule via trading, it ends up banned. When I duel the bots to transfer, it ends up banned. I've been losing quite a bit recently so I have a few questions. - Would drop trading work (though it does sound unconventional to me)? - Would using a VPN prevent my Mule from getting banned? -Is it because I don't have enough proxies? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Wow! It was so obvious that it totally flew over my head. Yeah, I didn't authenticate it. Thanks!
  5. I recently bought a proxy to bot with and it works perfectly fine when I use it on my laptop's tribot client. For some reason though, when I try using the proxy on the client on my VPS, I just get "error connecting to server." Any idea why I can't connect using the proxy?
  6. Whenever I try using the client starter on my vps I keep getting this error message: "There seems to be an error with the Tribot OpenGL interceptor. Tribot will not function properly for that reason. Please check the 'Client Debug' for more info." (screenshot didnt fit but here: https://gyazo.com/6cac0d218be678bfb64364b0dcb499a0 ) Client debug doesn't change whenever I try to run the client via Client Starter. Any help?
  7. It's working fine for me, it's probably your pc.
  8. Hi, for some reason the script wont click on or walk to a tile/tile group. I can't seem to figure out what's wrong, I even tested to make sure the tiles were not out of range.
  9. Does this script have dynamic signatures? If so how can I make one?
  10. Verison Number (DO NOT TYPE LATEST): Unable to see the version. Script issue: Script downloads, starts and then immediately ends. Settings picture: Script status when issue is occuring?:Upon starting the script Script stack trace? (View -> Print script stack trace, please do it atleast 5 times and only when it's occuring. Paste it in http://pastebin.com): http://pastebin.com): http://pastebin.com/jcCAg2p9 Additional information (Please provide additional information, the more information you provide the easier I can help you with your issue): Not much more I can add, I can't figure out what could be the cause of it.
  11. Hey I ran into a few problems: first I think there are typos here, for the buying it should say "script should stop buying the item:..." instead of the opposite, the same goes for selling Also the script doesn't seem to be selling the items, I set the amount I wanted to 5, 10, and 11. None of them worked. Lastly In the debug it keeps saying "failed to find setting file" and when it opens up the shop, it says "we are sleeping for: (x amount of time)
  12. First off, if you don't like the script, don't fucking use it. Second of all, to fix the problem regarding the npc not showing up, stop the script and restart it and then refresh and it should pop up up. If not, well here's a simple fucking answer: Most Now lastly, if you took the time to read his updates, he clearly states that banking will be fixed in v3 Now shut the fuck up mr "runescape's finest botter"
  13. I can do this for you Skype : the.shai.guy