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  1. Hey! FYI When you turn on High Alch, It will often high alch your Spec weapon, I.e. it high alched my DDS. Could use a check there to make sure we dont alch our own items! Thanks
  2. Still the same issue... any help please??
  3. So is Tribot just broken right now then?
  4. Hey there, I've tried everything but since the last tribot update it just will not log in to my account correctly / load LG options etc, i've tried all the little fixes i could.. any help getting this to work? Windows 10, newest Java: Thanks!
  5. Dude im sooo ready to pay sooooo much for this.
  6. Issues running script.. GUI loads but Debug says "Settings failed to load" and when you click Start it basically freezes and reopens GUI. Thanks EDIT: Seems to do this only when not logged in.. It works when logged in.. Thanks.
  7. Updated post, also script works if you start logged in, it does re-log in after logging out for idle times. Thanks Excited for 2.0
  8. Name of Script: Tau Grand Exchange Script Version: Current 1.3 (Non-Dev) TRiBot Version:3.0.2 (current) Java Version:1.8.0_60 Operating System:Win 7 Using Looking Glass (y/n): N Using VPS (y/n): N Using Tabs (y/n): N Bot Debug (Pastebin ONLY): http://pastebin.com/R0eSwW1e Client Debug (Pastebin ONLY): http://pastebin.com/16Kjtrhz Stack Traces (Do at least 4 times, Pastebin ONLY):http://pastebin.com/XC2QjSJy GUI Setup Screenshots (Only if relevant, Imgur ONLY): Not Relevant Other Screenshots (Only if relevant, Imgur ONLY): N/A Detailed Description of Bug: Login thread is broken somehow.. see my bot debug for the img 403 error that could be causing it. Thanks!
  9. Getting a few errors, one being issues with logging in.. script simply wont log in.. also have the ID errors like the mention above. Any ideas?
  10. Current Status: Fixed and slaying, Mute seriously gives a damn about his scripts and knows how to fix his java issues like its nothing. Script is 100% worth every penny and hope to see more people use it. a script that can give you 99 in all combat and slayer and make mad cash??! You would be crazy not to buy it, especially with the amazing support Mute puts into his scripts.
  11. Is there a way to view AIO Logger Logs, it seems whenever there is an issue it crashes before I get a chance to read out the problem.
  12. Selling large amounts of items, Pm me, willing to sell at fairly good prices, even looking for a regular buyer of items.. allowing you to make good profit while still paying me a fair price. Thanks, T
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