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  1. There was a problem when i was running my barrows bot for over 20minutes my bot completly freezes is this fixed yet?
  2. My main had a 2 day ban a week ago now I decided to quit botting on my main. I still have a pure that i would like to bot on. If my pure gets banned will there happen something to my main?
  3. My main account recieved 2 day ban a couple of days ago for the offence: Bot busting moderate. So I think I will not bot my main account for a couple weeks. I still have a ather account that I would like to bot so my question is; If this account gets banned will my main also recieve a ban?
  4. WoooT Thx to qqqyaks I got 99 str Thanks!
  5. Can you update the script so it takes energy pots from the bank and drinks them would be AWESOME!
  6. My script starts up, walks to flash crawlers and when i get attacked the script stops
  7. pls accept my skype request. - Yassin.D