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  1. How to prep 60/60/60 melee?

    lately jagex have been cracking down hard on bots, their detection system seems op atm im getting banned on every account i bot
  2. Reel Big Matt Intro

    hi man welcome, hope ur not a scammer !
  3. I agree with Asher, if you made barrows gloves bundles I'd definitely give it a go.
  4. @warfront1 Yesterday, I started noticing that my bot would end up in Karamja/Tai bwo wannai near the ruins, even though I'd been using Abyss method? I'm not sure whether a mod was on purposely teleporting me, because as I baby sat my bot, I kept manually teleing back to Edgeville. Anyway, I left it on overnight as usual and when I logged in, I was next to the ruins on Karamja/tai bwo wannai. (After 3 weeks of consistently running this script, I've never ended up there before) I then got disconnected 5 minutes later and received a 2 day ban... Idk if a mod was watching me or what, but yeah, I believe it is because of ending up in Karamja/Tai Bwo Wannai. If you could add a check that will automatically teleport to Edgeville if not in Edgeville/Abyss, then I think that would reduce further ban rates! Thanks Warfront
  5. Mass bans

    Find something you can slowly start with and make enough money for bonds for another account to join in. Don't do any F2P botting, you will 90% get banned. F2P botting isn't even worth the investment of electricity either, it's mad low profits.
  6. Green dragon bot ?

    If you bought the green dragon script, then you should be able to run it without purchasing anything else. Have you added it from the repository? https://tribot.org/repository/
  7. Noob question but can't find answer

    You'll most likely have to get VIP and purchase a premium script. The free scripts out aren't too good as many of them are outdated. That being said, if you're not planning on doing a botfarm and just want to run 1 script on 1 account, I'd say just go for purchasing the premium script. However, bare in mind when being a VIP you're also contributing towards Tribots development!
  8. Drug Rug Joe Q&A - the bro who had an army botting corp.

    How much profit in £ did you make and how long did it take you?
  9. Mass F2P Botting?

    You'll make more profit from begging on the streets outside your house.
  10. Got a 2 day ban should i continue botting?

    100% chance of the next ban being a perm. Count yourself lucky you've been given a 2 day. I was given a 2 day on my 99 str main (before NMZ, the account itself was 9 years old, had vet cape etc on RS3), tried some shitty dragon bot which I had to pay for as well.... and it got banned the next day with a FAT perm. Had over 50m+ worth of items on that account and it's stats were so sexy...
  11. 91 RC is recommended, as you will make DOUBLE nature runes at 91 Runecrafting. Also, pouches are at the following levels; Small Pouch - 1 RC (3 Extra Essence) Medium Pouch - 25 RC (6 Extra Essence) Large Pouch - 50 RC (9 Extra Essence) Giant Pouch - 75 RC (12 Extra Essence) Higher agility level, the faster your energy will recharge naturally. This is not needed, but will help out in the long run. I recommend you run via Abyss (the only downside to this method are PKers, however I like to wear a ring of life just incase, it doesn't save you all the time, but I've had times when I've logged in and been safe on 10hp in Falador Castle!) As you can see by my proggy here; I'm making 1804 nature runes per hour. Currently nature runes are at 275gp each. This equates to 496k an hour. Take into account at 91 runecrafting you will make double, that's 992k an hour at 91 runecrafting. I ALWAYS use Super Energy Potions as they save a LOT of time. I also use the glory method instead of house teleport. This is what the top part of my bank looks like; I'd recommend you get more Pure Essence if it's only 1 account you're botting on. If it's multiple, share the resources. When I reach 91 RC, I plan to make atleast 14m a night. This equates to more or less 30m every 2 days. 30m can sell for £45. Botting 6 days a week solely over-night @ 91 runecrafting can make you £135 each 6 days per account. That is if nothing goes wrong. I just made 10m for 20 hours of RCing. If I left it on @ 91 rcing for 20 hours each day, it'd make me 20m per day, which equates to 120m each 6 days. This can sell for £180. ___ About breaks. Personally, I do not use ANY breaks. I don't recommend this to you guys, however it's worked for me the past 4 weeks. I've not tried out the master/slave method either.
  12. Powerlevelers WANTED!

    Just be careful who you choose and if possible use a Middleman! It helps prevent scammers
  13. Idk, motherlode is high ban rates atm, especially with that new update which makes another area for it. Personally I wouldn't recommend it, but if you want to work on a motherlode mining script, go for it!
  14. Want to rent a maxed staker

    What % do you charge?
  15. Want to rent a maxed staker

    Hey all, I'm wanting to rent a maxed staker, I'm tired of all these noobs x'ing me because I have 4 cb levels more, even though they have 5 more str levels and 9 hp levels... So yeah, I just really want to rent a max staker. I'd pay 1m 07 GP per hour. I promise not to do anything fucked up or whatever, will give you a 500k deposit for the vine whip etc. or whatever, we can agree on that. I'd be willing to use a Middleman, so they hold onto the money for you until I've finished staking. Also, if I do happen to win big mills (I'm planning on staking 50m+) then I'd be more than happy to give you a share. Anyway, if anyone has a maxed account they'd be willing to let me stake on for 1m/hour, I'd be interested. Don't post below like 'no one is going to do that, you can easily get it banned etc.' - I'm not a prick. I don't do that shit.