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  1. I see! Thanks for the clarification. Old habits, I suppose. ;>
  2. Oo, I'm aware of the ordering - I was quite hasty whipping that up. Also, the way I referenced the object is why I have the null check. If I attempt to use ores[0] while ores is null, that's an NPE (unless I'm completely stupid). I reference them by index because sometimes I do not always use the first / closest found; but that's my style. Regardless, thanks for the clarification.
  3. Null checks, homie. Within your mine function, do something like this: private void mineOre() { ores = Objects.findNearest(20, ORE_ID); if (ores.length > 0 && ores != null) { if (Player.getAnimation() != MINING_ANIM && !Player.isMoving()) { if (ores[0].isOnScreen()) { ores[0].click(); // add some click offsets here [e.g click("Mine", new Point(-2, -2), new Point(2, 2)) ] sleep(1800, 2900); } else { // good idea, except usually the ore is in the view, and this will cause hella camera shifts. Camera.turnToTile(ores[0].getPosition()); Walking.walkTo(ores[0].getPosition()); } } } else { // no ores found } } Good luck, and happy coding! PS: Always experiment. Continue learning from sources & criticism. Code (especially yours) will never be "perfect". Constantly try and improve it.
  4. Set everything manually & it said iron knives. Like I said it worked fine for a bit, then randomly broke hehe. Probably my machine/graphics or something strange. If it's just happening to me, no worries ;p
  5. Works for a while, but then for some reason after about 10 minutes it fails to select the current item to smith (iron knives, in my case). The mouse attempts to click but just spasses near the icon. ;/ Otherwise, great work.
  6. Mm, this is what I figured was the only option. I was just curious as to if there was something I was missing. ;> Thanks everyone.
  7. I'm all cool with dismissing randoms, however some like the Genie seem quite bot-like. Furthermore, I'd like to actually take the exp from the genie random. IS there a way to programmatically enable to solving of the genie random (as well as decide which skill), while maintaining the dismissal of the other randoms? Forgive me if a thread already answers this - I couldn't find squat. Regards, Hersche
  8. Welp, thanks for that useful knowledge! Sorry I haven't been around - I had no clue. I suppose that closes this thread lmao.
  9. **EDIT: Due to my ignorance, I cannot sell this script without a scripter ranking. Thus my script would probably be release free, however limited. THREAD CAN BE CLOSED. Ayo lads! I'm Hersche. Some of you may remember me from my bird hunter - hBirds, or a few other awful scripts I developed a while back. Anywho I decided to get back into botting, and well naturally with that whipped up a new & fresh Hunter script. This one will be a little different - more of an AIO (somewhat). It would include bird hunting from 1-63, and then red chins for 99. Basically my question to the community is, .. well would you like it? (buy it) It would most likely be premium - at least the red chins portion of it. Bird hunting would be free, of course! Now then, it wouldn't just be premium for hunting red chins. Other features include: Banking at CWS (via Ring of Dueling / walking) (maybe) sexy(ier) UI Trap crash detection & evasive maneuvers (Weee) Smart trap memory Smart anti-ban Breaking of course! World hopping (if someone has your spot / too many fukbois) Ban hop prevention (if that's still a thing) - basically hop back to home world Items management (banking extended, as well as smart dropping for junk) Other miscellaneous trash and gooeyness [implimented & tested operational. Not yet implemented. Implemented, but iffy / requires more testing] Price would range from 5$ - 10$, I donno. Simply want opinions, for now. If you'd want an ETA for it if it came down to release, probably within a few weeks. I do have school, and finals at that but it's more or less finished at this point. (Still more testing to be done, however). [IMPORTANT: Release would also depend on if hHunter (through trials & testing) went without bans.] Also, attached is a sample UI / progress. Let me know guys! Cheers. - Hersche. (PS if in wrong section, apologies)
  10. I'm beginning to believe that being banned after "not botting for days/weeks" or whatever is irrelevant. If you haven't botted in a certain amount of time, you can still be banned for the simple fact that you did in fact bot at one point. It's like they have a queue of possible botted accounts; they go back and review gameplay to verify. Sorry if I'm sounding like a dick here, but I say this because I too was banned on an account I botted on, then did not bot / let alone play for about 2 weeks. Then right when I tried to log in to get a few things, the account was banned. Just my theory.
  11. Please read around. The inventory is masked from id's, so any inventory functions, or functions using the inventory will not work.
  12. Hersche

    Hunter question

    63-99 botting, reasonably (14-18 hours / day w/ like 30 minute breaks every 4 hours or so) will take maybe 3-4 weeks. The fastest I've gotten was maybe 19 daysish. I don't suicide, though. In my experience, botting overnight or 15+ hours straight hunting will get yer ass banned.
  13. Did you download from TriBot or the dropbox link? If TriBot, try the dropbox. It's ids should be updated, thus eliminating that error.
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