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  1. awesome i will give that a shot right now
  2. How would i go about opening a door then attacking the npc? Here is my attack code. public void attackWarrior() { v.status = "Attacking Warrior"; RSNPC warrior[] = NPCs.findNearest(v.warrior_ID); General.println(warrior[0].getWalkingDirection()); if (warrior.length > 0) { for (RSNPC npc : warrior) { if (area.contains(npc.getPosition())) { npc.click("Attack"); General.sleep(2500, 4000); return; } } } }
  3. Thank you so much
  4. how would I go about scripting what the status of my script is at. For example I want to implement it into my paint, like stage 1, stage 2, stage 3...etc. Thanks in advance
  5. Awesome! Thank you both very much, I've been scratching my head for about 20 minutes trying to figure it out lol. This is what i had: if (Player.getRSPlayer()!.isInCombat()) *faceslap*
  6. How would I go about finding whether my player is NOT in combat? I know this is very intermediate but i'm having trouble here.
  7. I would love some help actually! I will send it to you in a message, how ever I have to work all weekend so maybe we can chat on monday? Or what ever day works for you!
  8. Thank you very much, yea i'm very new to scripting and to be honest i have no idea what i'm doing....Yet lol
  9. If anyone could help me, I'm trying to figure out how to make my bot click a tele tab when on low health, or out of prayer potions. I'm very very new to scripting and to java but i do under stand basics. Any help would be amazing thank you!
  10. I would love to see a video! Very helpful. I have just began trying to build my own scripts and I'm definitely struggling. So please keep them coming!