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  1. Yea, just downloaded the client. Didnt download anything in like 3-4 days. I also have another account main account which has alot more to lose and which i dont bot on. It wasnt touched. No proxy and no generators. Just got the client and just added the script.
  2. I dont know if its even possible. But i started botting gnomeagility and after 5-10 min i cant logg in to my account. This is the bot i used https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/1971-dgnomeagility/
  3. dzambu

    Edgeville Chaos Druid Killer

    Made a fresh account to only f2p pk. Got members and all that shit, botted for like almost 2 days. Got banned... i guess jagex really doesnt like moneymaking bots. 100k+ in hour with like 50 str 40 at.. And not sure about all these people complaining about bugs, i had almost no problem with it.
  4. I cant believe that this script is premium and that i payed 15 bucks for it. This dumb script plants a seed then trys to add super compost, then it trys add seed on a plant that is already growing? like wtf is this. cant it even recognize a seed that is already growing? that it is a seed that the script it self has planted. this script has to be the biggest joke of 2014.
  5. Well thats not exactly smart farming. And it still does the same even if it is same seed i am planting. I manually harvested the patch and then resumed the bot. The bot planted the seed without adding super compost.
  6. After planting the woad seed at flower patch in falador, the bot keeps trying to plant another one, constantly cliking on seed and the patch. And lets say if i have ran out of a seed, and then i change to another seed. The tracker autoamticly says "ready" and thats why the bot keeps right clicking it.
  7. I am not exactly a big fan of farming. And thats is the reason why i want to buy this script. But i need to know what i should have in bank, in my inventory, and what options i should pick for level 9 farming. If someone would be kind and help me out, much apreciateted
  8. The tribot screen turns white sometimes,not sure if it is because of AIOslayer. No errors in logg either. Last time it happened was when he was teleporting and got in to that random where u have to pick the right dick or wtf that is
  9. Can this bot be used on pures/zerkers etc. Is there any chance it will lvl def or something?
  10. Ok so when i die, the bot doesnt equip those items i have in my inventory, do i need to have those same items in bank? like an extra dragon scimi? and when i type items in option do i need to type in number or the name? just lost 2k lobs because he kept going there with just antifireshield and no wep or armor... Edit: I was watching the bot today for hours, it works fine except that it sometimes skull, i think it's because it left click's dragons and some worlds are crowded with bots. And still having the prob above