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  1. Still doesn´t use super restore potion when they are in the inventory instead of prayer potions? Nevermind got it, the bot first has to acknowledgde that there are no more prayer potion in the bank. Edit again lol. The bot still refuses to drink super restores...
  2. Tyvm for adding super restore support! The overload potion bug also seems fixed. Does the trading part (Buying games) flawless. I personally only let the bot run a single to decrease the chance of getting banned. But for people who want to run 24/7 it might be suggestion that the bot searches for specific messages like : "MTD Host / Demon Host" for example instead of having to add names of the people it should trade. For me personally, the bot work flawless. Thanks erickho.
  3. Could you please add support for super restore potions? + It doesn't drink a new overload when the first one has worn off.
  4. Just purchased the script. It's pretty good apart from a few minor issues. 1. My account is only 60 attack / 70 Strength. Sometimes ( problem only seems to occur the first hour of running the script for some reason ) my account fails to get the 50 hits required when using the attacking portal function. Could you please add something to the script that forces the bot to get the 50 hits required by attacking the npc's ? 2. The handling speed. Sometimes when a portal is destroyed the bot waits about 10-20 seconds before taking any new action. 3. When trying to leave the area where the void is positioned ( After your die for example )( To go to a portal ), the bot often tries to open the gate and after opening it gate it either misclicks or clicks to fast which results in your character running back to the void instead of the portal area. Apart from those few minor flaws the script works absolutely fine for me.
  5. Im willing to buy this if you can get me a good cc with it ?
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