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  1. Yeah thanks a lot man I figured it out a while back this is an old post. This will help a lot of new comers.
  2. Before doing an action should do this: if (Vars.get().WAIT_TIMES.isEmpty()) Antiban.generateTrackers(General.random(2137, 3352), false); else Antiban.generateTrackers(Utils.get().calculateAverage(Vars.get().WAIT_TIMES), false); final int reaction_time = Antiban.getReactionTime(); Vars.get().WAIT_TIMES.add(reaction_time); Antiban.sleepReactionTime(); After timing and completing the action should looks something like this: Antiban.generateTrackers((int) (System.currentTimeMillis() - start), false); Vars.get().WAIT_TIMES.add(Antiban.getReactionTime()); Also during an action like "woodcutting" you should use: Antiban.timedActions(); Hope this helps man! If you'd like for me to provide the Antiban used for the above file PM me.
  3. The future is near.
  4. Hey guys decided to release a free version of my Salamander script... it does not include ABC2. I've botted over 20 accounts to 80 hunter using this script successfully. DOES NOT SUPPORT GREEN, IDK WHY I WAS SUPER LAZY DIDN'T ADD IN THE IDS. 1) Go to desired Salamander spot 2) Start script 3) Enter color in GUI 4) Let me know what you think This is a free version of my script I hope you guys like it, based on the feedback I will be releasing one with full ABC10. https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3198 FEEDBACK is the entire point of this release. Please feel free to criticize.
  5. ABCUtil was very poorly implemented but... great example for those learning to script.
  6. Are you using Runelite, OSBuddy, Oldschool Client? Whats your Java version? You've got to be more specific.
  7. You should look at what others threads have been posted and solved before posting a duplicate thread.
  8. From what I understand Thursday and Sunday are ban days. From 2:30AM EST to 10:30AM EST is Jagex hours which means they are at work. DO NOT BOT ON SUNDAY! Follow this and you will be fine, yw.
  9. Its either your version of Java or your rendering options on Runelite in my experience. (DELETE OSBUDDY DOWNLOAD RUNELITE)
  10. Maybe a snippet of code? Maybe you explain yourself properly? Maybe oh just maybe will we be able to help.
  11. I remember in RSPS its a server sided configuration that determines which animation ID which will be used in the dialogue. I'm sure you can some how dump these configurations but I'm not sure our API supports that (yet). If I'm wrong please correct me but I don't think you'll be able to get the Animation ID bud.
  12. Thanks for that @Einstein very useful information for those of the community who have similar issues.
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