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  1. Hey man, very nice script! I used iron arrows on a pure and I let it telegrab some expensive items. I got over 800k in ranarr seeds! That covered the iron arrows and more; the script ran smooth and it just went off cause I ran out of arrows. Got a good xp/h around 25k with 50 range. Thank you!
  2. Can you please do something about the potions? If i set 8 Super strength, 8 Super Attack; it goes into my 3rd tab and uses all my (1),(2),(3) doses then 4 dose which I assume it should start with I can decant them but do you think you could do something about that?
  3. Commenting on this post because I have similar issue with several scripts. I run breaks and run the script with the account logged out but sometimes after a break ends the bot debug says "un-handled login message" the client debug just says "login bot started" and logging in but it doesnt click existing user or new user, I have to click existing user for the client then it proceeds to log in..
  4. What do you mean? To make more accounts; I recently tried to take it serious to make money and I just wanted a few more accounts in a few brackets to get more stakes.
  5. I mean it took me like 2-3 days to sell it in increments to different people.
  6. Hey so I just sold like 7B OSRS on a single account I would transfer money to it from my odd stakers and then sell from it on the same IP. But recently I got all those accounts banned with the exception of one; I don't know why they left the account... Lost about 800m. But my question is does anyone know how I can continue to sell? If I were to make a new account and always log on to it with a VPN should I be safe? I don't want to sell on the account they left I feel like its bait lol.
  7. Need someone to get obby mauler from 1-55 slayer, idc how you do it range/mage/str/quest/lamp etc.. As long as the PRAYER/DEF/ATTACK are still 1. I can provide funding please pm me with price estimate.
  8. Service Needed - QuestingYour Skype- -private-Have you added my skype (live:teamtrustaio) - yesAre you willing to go first- yes Do you Agree to the TOS - yes Any Notes -
  9. Are you willing to pay in btc have 200m for sale.
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