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  1. Can you please do something about the potions? If i set 8 Super strength, 8 Super Attack; it goes into my 3rd tab and uses all my (1),(2),(3) doses then 4 dose which I assume it should start with I can decant them but do you think you could do something about that?
  2. Commenting on this post because I have similar issue with several scripts. I run breaks and run the script with the account logged out but sometimes after a break ends the bot debug says "un-handled login message" the client debug just says "login bot started" and logging in but it doesnt click existing user or new user, I have to click existing user for the client then it proceeds to log in..
  3. Same issue as charvie can you look into this please?
  4. Yeh man it's added in account manager, and I click remember username off the longest proggy is 6 hours and 9 minutes. Also thanks for the advice do you know if it will be fixed if it will?
  5. A little dissapointed seen all these long proggies can't seem to get more then 6 hours though, although that is still great. In terms of errors I have to go to work or class so I cannot say why it messes up. Pots are all stocked in bank, darts fully loaded, scales fully loaded. Went off for no reason. Also another thing, when it needs to reload the blowpipe it just sits there with a inventory of vials from a full trip and tries to withdraw something and thus crashes and doesn't bank empty vials first. I understand if you ignore this but I don't have time to fill out a "bug report"...
  6. Unless you have statistics or something don't say dumb shit and give wrong information to people. I'm not saying LG is a godly thing and works but I'm also not advertising it or putting it down.
  7. Yeh he isn't giving any support these past few weeks. Script is a joke atm I have the premium version will barely even start atm I have him added on skype but hes never on. Highly reccomend no1 buys right now I bought a month and will almost run out with no support on this script from him.
  8. Killzone9298

    [ABCL10] XPeriments

    Can you help please? it stops as soon as i start it.
  9. Killzone9298

    xPest Control [ABCL10] [Point Spending]

    @xcode, can you please fix script?
  10. Killzone9298

    [ABCL10] XPeriments

    @xcode great script in my opinion running on a few accounts with a little defence, never needs to bank, switches spots. Constant xp running great on mirror. thanks bro.
  11. Killzone9298

    EzConstruction 1-33 (or 99)

    Awesome script bro, thanks alot.
  12. Killzone9298

    xPest Control [ABCL10] [Point Spending]

    Script just stops, it works decent I guess quite alot of mistakes but this is the biggest one.. It was running at portal and just shuts down constantly.
  13. Killzone9298

    xPest Control [ABCL10] [Point Spending]

    Hey the script really isn't working right now it didn't get the 50 damage, and after that it wouldn't enter again and besides that it really doesn't attack even when I do take it in. Please look into this? @xCode
  14. not even a new error i can show you just a old skype convo with him of trying to fix it... hes just not dedicated to script cant even get a refund -.-