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  1. Unless you have statistics or something don't say dumb shit and give wrong information to people. I'm not saying LG is a godly thing and works but I'm also not advertising it or putting it down.
  2. Yeh he isn't giving any support these past few weeks. Script is a joke atm I have the premium version will barely even start atm I have him added on skype but hes never on. Highly reccomend no1 buys right now I bought a month and will almost run out with no support on this script from him.
  3. I got mine from this guy.
  4. http://www.sythe.org/runescape-2007-fire-cape-services/1889958-runescape-2007-fire-cape-service-1-31-prayer-1-defense-after-update-09-09-2015-a.html
  5. Can you help please? it stops as soon as i start it.
  6. need torso still
  7. God damn, can you please just stop? leave my thread and quit spamming it. Looking for somebody with a few vouches please pm me.
  8. Like legit can you guys hassle elsewhere.. @mute can you please remove their comments and this one? Still looking for a service..
  9. Still looking.
  10. Would prefer someone with some feedback, sorry.
  11. Need someone to get a torso on my account willing to pay 8M OSRS. Please contact.
  12. How much for a torso on a 85CB 42def/35prayer account
  13. updated quest list, need still please.
  14. I'm not interested in you, sorry. Need a few feedback atleast so they dont fk around with the account.
  15. Still looking need a few feedback please... ^ can't find your skype axeonurknees.