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  1. aMiner (free) has abc2. liking it so far. you can disable it but compared to abc2. abc1 looks so bottish i think abc2 has the mouse go off screen a bit too much
  2. Black chin setting script runs from edge bank as soon as it jumps the trench it just runs back and fourth all over and never goes to hunting spot if you start it at the chin spot it doesn't use glories for banking and is not instant logging correctly, also refuses to use all 6 traps when I'm hunting no matter how much I mess with the formation inputs. All of this just started happening today, not trying to bitch if it comes off that way, just a heads up. Thanks
  3. script works great. except when it banks it will run to the middle of the bank, stop for a few seconds, and then bank. very obvious lol
  4. When chopping magics at seers spot 1 and there are no trees script wanders back and fourth between the two sets of trees and accidently clicks outside of the gate and looks kinda bottish. Just letting you know. Thanks for script.