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  1. why does it say you gained 49 herblore levels? what is the method of training at yaks that entails gaining herblore xp ?
  2. WHat settings are the best method for an ironman? I am an ironman btw. is the food count too high? should i be healing at bank?
  3. what settings do you guys use?
  4. says im out of oak planks on oak chairs, its broken
  5. so to use the pre set sandcrabs gui all i have to do is choose sandcrabs in the local monsters refresher and set my safespot to the spot i will stand still on and it will re aggro on its own?
  6. received a ban on one of my accounts. Ran for way too long, it was my fault. Overall, a fairy safe script.
  7. can you add a feature where it will auto sell by itself without manually checking the box after a break? add a feature where after you take a long break, such as 40mins. then it will auto sell first thing when it logs back in
  8. Is dynamic signatures set up for this bot? I bought it coincidentally exactly one year ago on October 1st! 2016! Might be a buyer again. Also almost have the pre-reqs again so if you need another account for hotfixes in the future im your man
  9. Hey assume, can you help me out with experiments? I am trying to work out the advance tab so walking works.
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