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  1. yeah scripts may start but crash when performing certain tasks, botting is down for the moment
  2. [ABCL 10] ExShopper - AIO Shop Buyer & Seller

    Hey man, great script for both this and your nmz ones. Would be willing to make you some graphics as they seem pretty basic. If you're interested just message me back on here or skype
  3. Very good script but you're missing one crucial element, attack styles. There is no option to pick attack styles to stick on, even if you set them at the start yourself i'd still want to be sure that it wont 'accidentally' switch on to defensive and mess up my account. Other than that, the script is great, working on a proggy soon
  4. Could you tell us the item names, i've put Green d'hide chaps and Green leather chaps but it keeps logging me out
  5. Hi, I would be willing to pay for a bot that would AFK Castle wars for you, this is required for the armour which is BEST in the game for pures and they look nice too. How it works, essentially you need 2 accounts to start a castle wars match, one account (The account you want the tickets on) will capture the flag and return it to their base. Then essentially afk on both accounts until the match is over (15minutes I believe) A video shows what to do - If anyone would be interested in making a bot for this then please reply!
  6. Congrats! Add me on skype - classybusiness or just click the icon in my signature
  7. Welcome! I have returned to Runescape after a long break since Summer. As a result, I will be creating a fresh portfolio. Basically the first 3 people to reply to this post will receive 1 FREE signature! If an item you want is not available on my store, please feel free to add me on skype and we can work something out!
  8. Help - Hacked, scripts - asap

    I know that, I was asking whether the scripts can contain keyloggers or viruses etc I don't think so, I was still online when it happened
  9. So today I was hacked :/ Not very mad because it was a new account and didn't have much on it. Untill 3hours before getting hacked I decide to move half of my items on to this account. What are the odds.. Using Trilez Delta chopper I get signed out and unable to sign back in, whats going on? I try the main site, everything, I can't sign in. At first I thought I had been banned but after 10-15minutes time, I could sign in again. I was in varrock and now i'm at lummy bank, now I knew I had been hacked. Lost around 2m and a bunch of runes and arrows. Not much but a big impact for an account at my level. So what happened, was I key logged? I believe I was, whether the virus is still on my pc, I don't know (i've done 4 scans) But what I wanted to ask was whether scripts on Tribot can contain keyloggers, might sound stupid but maybe it's true, i'm worried to open Tribot to then go and see my account be hacked again. Reasons why I think it had something to do with Tribot scripts: 1. I was signed out, I don't think you can sign in when the account is running on a different pc If I could get some feedback from this incident that would be great, not bashing on tribot used them for a while now but I need to know whether it's safe or not. Thank you, Classy
  10. Sure just add me on skype and we can work from there. Skype - iamclassydesigns
  11. Will upload, i am originally a Freelance Designer. Ill make some Test artwork and upload around 8PM GMT time
  12. ALL ORDERS POSTPONED TILL WEDNESDAY, I HAVE FINALS! THEY WILL BE DONE ON WEDNESDAY, SENT ON WEDNESDAY! [NOTE!] I will make sure you enjoy your product!, RUSH ME = NO PRODUCT Hey guys, if i use your Script I will do FREE graphics for you in any sort off way , even other stuff like Desktop BG'S and logos. If interested Message me on skype and we can talk How it works - 1. Add me on skype, discuss what you need and Confirm agreement 2. Once i have finished the work, i will send you a screenshot. If you would like too change anything or add to it , i am happy to do so 3.I tell you world and Location, You pay 100k (negotiable) and I send Files 100% No scam Will do Screen share on Skype too! WILL TAKE PAYPAL !!!!