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  1. Very happy with the service, will use again
  2. Need the following quests done - Garden of tranqhaunted minekings ransomMTD1 small favourshilo villagetai bwo wannai trio STATS =http://prntscr.com/8819zj Thanks can I get a price estimate and a time estimate
  3. yeah it may be banking as a whole thats bugged, I was using the teletabs/ring options. It does everything except doesnt take anything out of the bank when it teles to castle wars. Thanks
  4. Ring of dueling works fine but does not withdraw any planks or anything from the bank it just idles, I know you're working on it just making sure =] Thanks, <3
  5. yeah scripts may start but crash when performing certain tasks, botting is down for the moment
  6. Hey man, great script for both this and your nmz ones. Would be willing to make you some graphics as they seem pretty basic. If you're interested just message me back on here or skype
  7. Wrong attachment could someone please close
  8. Everytime I try to load up tribot, it does the update animation and closes and re opens again. But when i click login nothing happens and I keep gettting this error (attachment below). Please could someone help thanks EDIT - REQUESTING CLOSE WRONG ATTACHMENT lol
  9. Was happy with the script until I died for Firecape, Berserker ring and torso at fire giants. I had left the bot for an hour to find myself in falador with 3 items. The best part about this is I have it all recorded, the script just let me die, it didn't try to tab or anything. Really disappointed with mute here, I have messaged him on skype and I got a reply with 'hi', doesn't help that we are in different timezones. Please reply to me on skype once you are online
  10. NPC contact doesn't work, just stands at bank doing nothing
  11. Very good script but you're missing one crucial element, attack styles. There is no option to pick attack styles to stick on, even if you set them at the start yourself i'd still want to be sure that it wont 'accidentally' switch on to defensive and mess up my account. Other than that, the script is great, working on a proggy soon
  12. Same with the above, somehow my butler was fired, I believe this is when it is in the same dialogue as where it says fire butler underneath it, my request will also fix this. Also another issue was that the got stuck outside the door http://prntscr.com/6uja69 . My request is if you could implent the use of using (1) and (spacebar) as you would on keyboard as Jagex have now added this to the game, this would be great and have a much faster xp per hour and 0 faults when firing the butler