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  1. Can this bot craft astral runes? how many p ess can it run per hour?
  2. Can anyone tell me how much p ess is used per hour when using energy pots, and how much is used when not using energy pots? Right now im making about 3.2k cosmics(doubles) per hours with all 4 pouches, no energy pots, and using regular runes teleport. my agil lvl is 75+ and mining is 60+
  3. What does everyone think of this bot? Is it worth getting? How many pts/hr?
  4. Is it possible to add a feature that would have the bot leave the nmz arena when max points have been reached? The max points per session is about 1078K.
  5. Even though he is not a part of the support team, he responded to my skype message very quickly and actually got my problem solved on the first attempt. Great work, YoHojo!
  6. How about adding Shilo powerfishing and banking?
  7. Hi, I ran out of overload potions before I ran out of absorb pots. Rather than banking for more overloads, the bot keeps drinking absorb pots and sometimes "guzzling" rock cakes and flicking melee pray on for some reason. Shouldn't it bank when either overloads or absorption pots are done?
  8. Does this script follow the "Iemz pc" cc around? In case they world hop...
  9. Thanks! I will try momentarily. IMO, this is a great script. I haven't experienced any serious problems. good job!
  10. Here you go: http://imgur.com/TBfzhjJ also, I noticed that I haven't selected the "Flick Rapid heal when 1hp" option, however it is still clicking about once per minute. Is this because I have selected Dharok Absorption method? Is it a pre-set setting?
  11. After I complete the trade: We are sleeping for 1414: We are sleeping for 1614: Disabled all randoms:
  12. Hey, I'm having problems getting the bot start a game from a seller. I've entered in multiple names (correctly) and this is the message I receive: "We are waiting 5 minute for: [hultium, legitnmzgame, Nightmz hard, elite mtd, K1ngnmzdemon, Nmz Empire] to appear or get inside nmz area" Only after I complete the trade and am invited to a game, will the bot kick in and select the mode.
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