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  1. Can this bot craft astral runes? how many p ess can it run per hour?
  2. Can anyone tell me how much p ess is used per hour when using energy pots, and how much is used when not using energy pots? Right now im making about 3.2k cosmics(doubles) per hours with all 4 pouches, no energy pots, and using regular runes teleport. my agil lvl is 75+ and mining is 60+
  3. What does everyone think of this bot? Is it worth getting? How many pts/hr?
  4. Is it possible to add a feature that would have the bot leave the nmz arena when max points have been reached? The max points per session is about 1078K.
  5. Even though he is not a part of the support team, he responded to my skype message very quickly and actually got my problem solved on the first attempt. Great work, YoHojo!
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