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hybrds jr

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  1. Been Rc botting on 2-4 Accounts, however 2 of them have received short bans. (2 day and a 14 day) Need a way to keep the money I have made safe on a mule, any suggestions for this?
  2. Scripts doing great so far, running x3 accounts with 50-70 rc getting 1300-1600nats/hr each. One account out of the 4 got a 2day ban, myfault for not using breaks and running for 20hrs.
  3. Not 24/7, what I really want to know is it going to be insta-ban if I bot again after 2days?
  4. Been botting x2 accounts Rcing nats for the past 5 days, and today been botting 2 other accounts to prepare for nats ( 44rc, 50 mining/agil). Today one of my accounts got a 2 day ban doing nats, although the other 3 running from same IP weren't banned. My question is, will my other accounts be quickly banned if I keep botting? Also, is it stupid to bot on the account once the 2 day ban is up?
  5. Is clicking outside minimap a tribot error or this script? Also, adding quick-hop feature would be handy as suggested above.
  6. Thinking about buying this script. Could someone answer afew questions for me: Can this script run nats for 8-10hours without babysitting? What profit will I make roughly from 44-75 and then from 75-91?
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