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  1. Incase you want to buy VIP to use proxies. You need to have VIP-E to use proxies. I did not realize this till after purchasing only VIP, but I'm just saying this to let you know if you already didn't!
  2. Paradox is right, you need Vip Extented for LG or proxies.
  3. I've made 100s of accounts on my home computer IP and then let them sit awhile. I then use proxies with them to bot so I personally have never had problems with that. Also my accounts have lasted anywhere from 10-30 days being heavily botted.
  4. depends what you're botting. If it's methods that are widely known, woodcutting, mining, ect. expect an account to last 24-48 hours. If it's a lesser known method expect longer. It's in your control really. Use proxies, use premium scripts, bot at good times and use breaks.
  5. I don't understand what you're asking help with...
  6. Sorry! Most other people sell for 1.2m+ so I believe I'm cheaper than most!
  7. You can use paypal to buy credits yourself. Just go to purchase VIP -> Purchase Credits and select paypal
  8. Love the advice. I'm an econ major and we have a broken window fallacy which is kind of similar.
  9. bump!
  10. Price: 1m 07 GP per credit Credits in stock: 4 I ONLY ACCEPT OSRS GP. Add my skype: imute.rs
  11. The GUI seems to be broken gained 14 levels and it says I gained 1. The profit, bows cut, and xp dont work. Only the time works. If you want people to post proggies you should fix @Druid
  12. Updated topic!