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  1. I know this may not be a script issue, but the last 2 times running the script over night i found myself stuck in a random. Im going to re-run it without the Dev mode beta Anti ban and see if that had anything to do with it conflicting with script
  2. All this script does is empties inventory and idles in bank..Im using Druids semi broke ass script as it is. Spend money on 2 peoples script who dont keep up with issues with script. Waste of money and will be opening a dispute if changes aren't made soon.
  3. GUI keeps prompting to manually close, says i choose to re open but thats not the case..Other then that and the paint not showing up works pretty good. One thing on top of that which happens randomly is its ability to pin bot into bank..Only script having an issue with it so far
  4. Description of the bug (be specific): After breaking and logging back in, The bot will enter in account information fine, when it comes to entering the PIN it malfunctions How often the bug occurs: Every time bot breaks/ or fresh session started Triggers of the bug (if known): Java version: 7-60 TRiBot client version: 9.133_3 Operating System: Windows 7 Script Name: Master Fletcher AIO and Sigma AIO Magic TRiBot Old-School or RS3: OS Client Debug: Doesn't appear to show any error message Bot Debug: n/a {Link below shows the activity occuring} http://gyazo.com/44d58be7c40054c6fb5fc142bea40962
  5. Method: (what method you were using) High Alch Event: (what event the paint was displaying) Nothing out of ordinary Stack-trace: (copy/paste any debug text from both the client and bot debug) What was the script doing: (brief description) Nothing comes up in debug..Bot will log in run the script sit for about 10-15 seconds and just logs out. Havent had it run over an hour unless i baby sit it to not fail randoms or it just bombs itself randomly
  6. One other question about the Java 8 which verison is suggested for use? I see 3 different ones i just used the one in the picture you have of the new loader (not 7 but 8) Any one of em better then the other?
  7. Description of the bug (be specific): Brings bot to random and just stands there not attempting to solve it. How often the bug occurs: So far that i've seen first time it happened Triggers of the bug (if known): No idea Java version: 7 TRiBot client version: latest Operating System: Win 7 Script Name: sigma aio magic TRiBot Old-School or RS3: os Client Debug: n/a, script just ended Bot Debug: n/a
  8. What form of Java 8 do users download? I was looking at all the downloads it has and was super confused which verison to download and which ones to pick from when i just explored them..I think jre is what id need on a x64 windows 7 but it had 2 x64 downloads not exactly familiar with newer java updates (since it auto updates)
  9. I dont mean to bump this topic but for 4 days now i find myself getting killed to strange plant..would running bot in lower populated worlds help by chance to lower chances of it not checking if it belongs to me? Usually in medium-high pop worlds
  10. Noticed it keeps the mouse on inventory button and moves around in a square pattern and camps the mouse out there..Havent seen an xp check or random right clicking yet in almost 3 hours of run time, from what i can see no matter what it does it allows brings mouse back to the inventroy button
  11. Just bought pretty bad ass script, a few things for the ABCL id point out that mouse never leaves the screen and i dont see it do xp checks or random right clicks..Are the newest methods going to be put in this script? been watching its habits and it does randomize its routine and misclicks and idles like id imagion AFK cookers do a ton of. All around great script just would like to see a xp check and maybe the random right click
  12. 2 days now using Encoded Fisher, and i come back after sometime to see my character dead to strange plant. I look at log and it said it passed it but thats a lie because I'm in lumby..Back tracked in the log and it has passed a few earlier but failed one that killed me. I did notice when it is my plant it seems to not click on it but when its everyone elses it will. Not sure if its a bug or not but a look at it would be nice i have seen alot of other bots go down to strange plant recently too.. More so then usual
  13. Fails the strange plant random time to time,,2 days in a row now ive gotten killed by it when not babysitting it. Not sure if its a client or script issue but it will click on em when it spawns but for some reason when it is mine and not someone elses it wont click it.