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  1. im interested as well but doesnt look like theyve done much to reworking it
  2. this should be a must. wont buy until this is solved
  3. Okay so I've been using this for 3 days, been watching it. In terms of efficiency, its not uncommon that when it goes to click the minimap to the tree, it accidentally clicks middle and runs over. When woodcutting starting to fletch near tree, I noticed when it took a lot of damage and ate while standing there, it would then chop another log with the free invo space of food. I watched it do this back to back between half fletch of logs. It misses a lot of brazier fixes and lights, even when it probably shouldn't it but that could be an issue with my client paint delay. When taking out food it always right clicks to get the specific amount, minor but a range of +- 1 food where it just withdraws something like 5, then clicks for 2 or something like that. Not really an issue though. All fairly minor changes, will let you know if I find anything else. Oh and by the way, fucking awesome script. Extremely reliable, well functioning and fairly efficient. Excellent script, thanks buddy!
  4. yeah i had it turned on. i even turned it on and off again to see if it would work. i think what made it start doing some of them was when i turned on reaction time because i see now my construction exp went up. although earlier when i had reaction times off it didnt work
  5. working good so far except it doesnt repair the brazier when its broken. (i watched it just sit there and wait). i have construction levels but it doesnt seem to matter (including a hammer in my inventory)
  6. This script is having problems. When I start it, it frequently quits and says "Trying to bank but no banking. Parameters not met" and ends the script. Thats actually not true, I don't want food so I have no food input (there is no option for 0 food). I have 3 super att/str and the rest prayer potions. What am I doing wrong? I even tried letting it bank. It teleported to edge bank and just sat there doing nothing and I turned it off after 3 minutes.
  7. hey, enjoying the script so far but theres definitely some tweaking needed. it seriously needs to chill out when it has aggro on monsters. it will run around trying to attack ones in combat and running from one to another, until it finds a fight. i watched him try 6 times before finally engaging in combat. should try and find an option. also i come back to being on random sides of gates and not sure how i get there and stuck. should add a 5 minute failsafe because its been reoccuring
  8. this happened to me at trolls, despite it not being on my list of attackable npcs and just out of the range of attackable targets, it would still try to attack one of the thrower trolls
  9. would be nice if there was an additional option for super sets to drink at a faster rate. like "fast, medium and slow" since it waits too long to drink another dose right now. also would be dope if you added something that logs you out after 5 minutes of no exp gains. otherwise its been working good so far!
  10. LOOL @boatsb4hose and @sausagelord post with the b2b. "undetectable & flawless 200m exp" to the "banned in 45"
  11. criticism with regards to the script; ardy knights in the obvious house, the camera is upwards and not flat like most people would use to avoid having to move the mouse every 20-30 seconds. It doesn't move to where everyone else is so you are very obvious if you dont move. you have to baby sit and move your character every 2-5 minutes. It drops dodgy necklaces even when it says junk is on. Also there is no dodgy necklace support. I realize this isn't a very advanced script (quite basic) but would be nice to see a few changes
  12. beake

    Bots dont work

    update broke the bot, just need to wait for it to be updated
  13. hmm looks promising, i might try this out on my main after i get 99 agility later this week..
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