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  1. When running tribot, it uses a huge amount of CPU and the fan is constantly running... is there any way i can reduce this? I use a mac, 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7 processor and 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 memory
  2. My bot keeps getting stuck on loading client params, it worked yesterday and then some point last night it just stopped. i use a mac and just downloaded the new java, anyone know what to do?
  3. banking option is broken in lumbridge, when it gets to the top of the castle, the character walks back and forth on the top floor trying to bank but fails. cheers!
  4. been using for a couple hours, so far so good. sometimes he runs into the wildnerness and stands at the mage for like 10-15 seconds. other than that havent noticed anything too major besides just smoothing out the overall running/clicking/efficiency of the script. good work!!
  5. been working really well so far! a few things: first is that sometimes it missclicks and trys to steal from a stall, the guard then attacks and it gets stuck attacking the guard. while it tries to pickpocket from the farmer and it looks sketch. another is maybe for mroe efficiency is have it right click a bit more when buddy is running away from you so that it doesnt just run all over trying to get to him. other than those its been working smooth, used like 3+ hours babysitting and its been fine except the guard problem
  6. i have two computers- it works on one, it doesnt work on the other. it does that with all scripts- non work with my old laptop
  7. I get this error message everytime I try to run a script. How can I fix? http://imgur.com/RNHEGSv
  8. what levels were they? where were you training?
  9. awesome! thanks man edit: i tried using it last night and it was trying to hop to a 1500+ world. i just deactivated it and reactivated it again and i'll see if maybe it'll work now.
  10. hey, this script was running amazing untill the update with the new worlds came out, if im trying to world hop sometimes it gets stuck trying to go to certain worlds requiring 2000+ total level and it will just sit on the login screen for hours. hopefully it'll be an easy fix but before that the script was flawless
  11. Prior to the update where you can zoom in on your character, I haven't been able to get my bot up and running. I've deleted + redownloaded tribot, restarted computer, added and removed scripts and still everytime I try to start it up, I get this error message. Also has problems downloading scripts too. I dont know how to fix it
  12. can't get any scripts to work on my (mac) computer. stuck on downloading scripts or get numerous errors. i've deleted all old tribot files on my computer and then re downloaded as well. any help? what do i need to do to get the bot working again? if you say delete hooks.dat tell me how because its not the same on a mac as it is on a PC all scripts were working fine before update yesterday and hasnt been working since "the scripts paint thread could not be recovered. creating a new one" but then it runs abunch of errors and nothing happens.
  13. what do you do for a mac?