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  1. I study economics- assumptions are, like, ninety-five percent of what I do.
  2. you probably started botting in like 2010 and think you know everything.
  3. Then you don't know much about botting my friend.
  4. thats the lamest response- give us something real. botting certain skills is highly more ban-able than the next. I would say woodcutting, fishing and hunter are highly bannable skills. Make a bloody relative comparison for us please and stop giving us some stupid bullshit answer. now please, let me ask you again, what is the ban rate RELATIVE to SKILLS such as FISHING, WOODCUTTING, and HUNTER?
  5. everytime i try to load a premium script aAgility that has been working everyday (even this morning) up untill my computer died while running the script, it now gives me a message saying i need VIP to run more than 1 instance of tribot at a time, HOWEVER i am only trying to load 1 page??? i dont understand.
  6. Cant run 1 premium script

    i have the same problem when trying to run premium script it always worked until just a couple hours ago
  7. When running tribot, it uses a huge amount of CPU and the fan is constantly running... is there any way i can reduce this? I use a mac, 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7 processor and 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 memory
  8. Stuck Loading Client Params

    My bot keeps getting stuck on loading client params, it worked yesterday and then some point last night it just stopped. i use a mac and just downloaded the new java, anyone know what to do?
  9. been using for a couple hours, so far so good. sometimes he runs into the wildnerness and stands at the mage for like 10-15 seconds. other than that havent noticed anything too major besides just smoothing out the overall running/clicking/efficiency of the script. good work!!
  10. GMasterFarmer[ABCL10][Open source][9.2015]

    been working really well so far! a few things: first is that sometimes it missclicks and trys to steal from a stall, the guard then attacks and it gets stuck attacking the guard. while it tries to pickpocket from the farmer and it looks sketch. another is maybe for mroe efficiency is have it right click a bit more when buddy is running away from you so that it doesnt just run all over trying to get to him. other than those its been working smooth, used like 3+ hours babysitting and its been fine except the guard problem