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  1. amazing, if youre other scripts run like this one i definitely will be purchasing more in the future when i get a good proggy i'll try to remember to take a photo for you
  2. LOL you just straight up set the bot up overnight without even testing it? I was just wondering what sort of support this bot has for ironman-- e.g. options for banking oaks, teaks etc. Currently using your agility but when I'm done I might give this a go.
  3. Agility Pyramid A few things that I've noticed that may not only be relevant to the agility pyramid but to also getting it to run more smoothly overall. Most importantly: The camera movements are constantly moving back and forth really fast and its too quick sometimes which makes it get caught up and reverts to where it was originally via the mouse wheel. This really needs to be fixed imo because it does it so frequently when trying to move around the pyramid. This could be occurring because when it tries to preclick the next obstacle, it seems like it also tries to pan the camera. Right now when it does a fast 90 degree+ turn it probably only does it how it is supposed to maybe like 30-50% of the time. When a waterskin has finished the bot doesn't drop them for more inventory space so if you start with a full inventory you need to manually drop. On some of the steps when it tries to right click and misses it keeps trying for 3 or so times then just left clicks. When the camera angle moves really quick and it tries to right click the next obstacle, sometimes it misclicks here, not sure if intentional. EDIT Pollnivneach Worked practically flawless with the exception of one time I was lagging, it got lost and tried to return to the start of the course except it on an obstacle. It just started to repeatedly try to return and click on the minimap but couldn't move and was stuck. Relekka So far it has been completely flawless, the issues that were encountered with the camera angle don't occur on this one and it seems to be quite good averaging around 38k exp/h which is on the low side but not terrible. Honestly though, I'm really impressed with how its been running overall. Nice work and because you were nice enough to sell it for 1$, in return I'll try to provide some decent feedback on the courses that I try to help you make it even better. Thanks bud!
  4. something that really needs to be changed is how it checks for roofs each time you start the script. sometimes im adjusting or it gets stuck so i have to keep restarting the script but opening to check for roofs on/off 5 times in 2 minutes is kinda weird since i almost literally never open that anyways. haven't really tested the script havent had time to babysit and watch it yet but im going to be testing the agility pyramid today and will give some feedback
  5. beake

    Auto Tithe Farm Pro

    hey, I been running this script and its excellent. gained over 4m+ exp in farming in the last couple weeks. thanks for the great script, highly recommend to anyone looking to buy
  6. beake

    Auto Tithe Farm Pro

    i'm thinking that because its so sensitive to breaks but is also so click intensive, a good way to that would let it run for longer hours would be to add your own afk break but only after it finishes harvesting a batch. maybe once or twice per 100 planted. could even be short but would probably help
  7. beake

    Auto Tithe Farm Pro

    sweet thanks for removing that
  8. beake

    Auto Tithe Farm Pro

    hey man, getting this warning when i try to do bigger grids, my agility is 75+ and i have full graceful. i always have 100% run energy and waiting for plants at times to harvest. [08:32:08] Auto Tithe Farm Pro: [WARNING] Agility level too low to do 16+ plants. Using 14x5 15x2 method.
  9. is aerial fishing going to be supported?
  10. beake

    Auto Tithe Farm Pro

    dope, after this mining script is up i'm getting 100% hosidius and buying this one for my next one
  11. beake

    Auto Tithe Farm Pro

    is this script currently working?
  12. is gem bag supported for motherlode mine?? also having problems with banking at deposit box at motherlode not sure why, it just stands and doesnt bank then ends. still works with the bank chest
  13. just purchased, not sure how to hide the paint?? am i dumb or is it really hard to find?
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