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  1. You're supposed to use JDK.
  2. Update your Java.
  3. Use a different proxy.
  4. The sales thread was closed because discontinuing proxy sales is being decided right now. (no sleep. what is english.)
  5. Closed. These types of scripts are not encouraged here. Wait out your pin.
  6. Please keep all ban discussion in the Official Ban thread.
  7. All the replies answer your question perfectly. Thanks everyone.
  8. Account trading will not be allowed. If you want to sell/buy accounts go to playerauctions.
  9. Tickle the Elmo Noice
  10. Try changing your password.
  11. I love my voice.
  12. Sorry, but this is not allowed.
  13. Complete and utter support.
  14. Team Vancouver. And that's Calgary, not Montreal. A+ for effort.