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  1. The sales thread was closed because discontinuing proxy sales is being decided right now. (no sleep. what is english.)
  2. Closed. These types of scripts are not encouraged here. Wait out your pin.
  3. Complete and utter support.
  4. Team Vancouver. And that's Calgary, not Montreal. A+ for effort.
  5. Only 16GB, only two monitors, and too small of a separate hdd.
  6. 6/10
  7. bot better
  8. such nub
  9. Enter the player name, item name, and choose your location to start. CaSe SeNsItIvE. Please post any bugs or requests here.
  10. Approved.
  11. And a happy new years everyone!
  12. Merry Christmas everyone!
  13. 1. You could simply just eat a meal after working out. 2. Depends on how things are. Sometimes 2, sometimes every day of the week. 3. I don't do a full day or partial day of cardio at all. Do a fast paced, light weight, workout with shorter breaks between sets and exercises.