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  1. The fix for this issue was released in today's update.
  2. Released.
  3. I'm currently fixing a loading error with LG. Once fixed, I can release it.
  4. Looks like it's just a bad multiplier. I just need to test some things before the release.
  5. Looks like the ID hook is broken. Should be an easy fix. The API actually doesn't use the NPCDefinition class. Everything is read from the cache. Edit: Actually, I don't call that class NPCDefinition b/c it doesn't follow the same scheme as the other definition classes. But we are talking about the same class.
  6. Are you able to upload the head dump by any chance? How big is the file after compressing it?
  7. Thanks for your input. Fun fact: We are often with with large layer 7 DDoS attacks which are sofisticated enough to by-pass CloudFlare's DDoS protection ranging from 10Gbps to over 100Gbps but nobody releases this because the custom DDoS protection software I've written is usually able to completely block the attack within a few minutes. And when it even gets past that, it's very rare for a DDoS attack to actually bring down our servers as they are capable of withstanding the attack while I manually mitigate the attack. When we first became popular, there was someone who tried extremely hard to shut us down with a 100+ Gbps attack which persisted for over a month. Yet here we stand. If I weren't suffering health issues I'd be much more active in the community and would be releasing a lot more frequent updates. I'm trying my best to bring myself back to my prime. Before you mention it, yes we're already expanding our development team. Also, I improved our fraud detection system to be much less restrictive so you will be able to purchase credits via Stripe and PayPal now. The reason why the system was like that in the first place was to stop the 20-200 monthly credit card fraud cases which were able to pass Stripe's and Visa/Mastercard's fraud prevention systems because of a many people using stolen credit cards. As for the issue with Coinbase, it was completely out of my control. I was given no notice from Coinbase whatsoever. Not being American adds much difficultly to being able to find suitable payment processors to be able to accept international orders. Anyways, I'm closing this thread to stop the bickering.
  8. Here's what I can mention: There's a ton of updates for TRiBot which need to be released, but I'm still in the process of tweaking ABC2 timings to make them extremely accurate in comparison to humans, and less predictable after long periods of time. I need to finish up with the ABC2 modifications before I can release everything else.
  9. I'm ten months I could finish my AI auto-responder which learns how to communicate with RuneScape players off a vast database of conversations between legit players, implement an AI web walker based off terrain deta and from a large amount of data from legit RuneScape players traveling from place to place, implement LGv2 which could quite possibly be 10-100x faster than the current version of LG depending on if everything falls into place like it should, and implement the 2-5 of the cloud services I'm considering implementing if I think they are worth it, which will be helpful for developers, scripts, security, and users. If you want an ETA, I'll tell you this: patience. 10 minutes from now? A day from now? A week from now? A month from now? 4 months from now? The release will be a surprise with some strategic timing.
  10. Another thing I'll mention: This is the kind of beautiful design I'm looking for. This probably won't be what the repository/bot panel books like in the feature, but I'll look just as amazing.
  11. Our web walker can generate a path from the very top right most corner of Runescape to the very bottom left corner of RuneScape is under a second. I've seem other bot devs talk shit about each others bragging about how much faster each others were when it would take seconds to generate paths of distances much less than half my distance (not going to name names). The base of our web walker is very solid and efficient but it's just not very flexible and doesn't have specific areas mapped out nearly enough. Plus I know there are some scripts which modify certain settings which makes the script kill the web walking process and restart it which can create heaps of problems. I only ever run my own scripts and it's very rare for me to experience any malfunctions with the webwalker where other scripts seem to have many problems in the same areas my scripts operate in. Another thing to consider is that I mapped out half the the entire RuneScape map in a mere 2 days so some areas weren't mapped enough where as other botting clients spent months or years designing their web walker. It is getting a complete re-write though, right after I finish up with the project we've been working on for over a year is completed. Yes, some clients are catching up to our client, but there's an update coming soon which will completely blow TRiBot out of the water. Imagine if TRiBot were to run 50 clients at less than 20% CPU usage with 0ms paint delay and less than 2GB of RAM on my very out-dated 3770K prcoessor at clock speeds with more features than ever, and if it were written with high concurrency and anti-ban at its highest priority while having none of the bugs it currently has today. Oh, and the scripters aren't in-active. They're just waiting for a certain update.
  12. 1. We already have enough premium scripters. And if premium scripters are finding they aren't making much money anymore, then they should have actually listened what myself and Usa has been telling them for years - not to sell unlimited instance lifetime scripts. Let me reference the user who runs the most concurrent accounts here at TRiBot. This user has an unlimited lifetime script which we bought for less than $100 a long time ago. This user runs between 2-5k accounts concurrently, 24/7. For this, the user pays $8/month for VIP. That's it. There are many other users who run over 1k or hundreds of accounts concurrently 24/7, and they are all paying between $8-$50/month. The premium scripters who allow this to happen (note: not all of them do) do so because they think it's making them more money, but in the long term they are screwing themselves and others over. Also, there's a reason not many scripts are being produced right now, but those are private matters. 2. The forums don't need spam to increase engagement. Intellectual debates are a better option. 3. I have scripts which haven't been touched since 2014 and they still work perfectly fine. If you find a script which doesn't work, report it. 4. Teasers will come when they come. I've seen bots come and go barely leaving a mark, I've seen bots rise and fall, and I've seen TRiBot climb from 15 active users and no paying customers to 8k+ paying customers when OSRS was at it's prime, even after reading a Powerbot admin/moderator said TRiBot would never go anywhere (Many, many, many years ago. I don't recall who so don't ask). Now we are close to taking the top Google rank for "runescape bot." I will always keep pushing botting to new levels, and I plan to stick with my methodology.
  13. "Lowering Credit cost for script writers. Due to the % Tribot takes for private scripts its not in the scripters interested to write scripts for private use." I don't work 40-100 hours a week and pay thousands every month for server costs, andministrative costs, employment costs (I'm not even including myself here, nor the scripters), pay all transaction fees, currency conversion fees, and money transfer fees so that people can rip off my hard work. "Working bot panel" Should I just completely shut it down until the new one comes out within the next month or two? "Premium Trials for free users" Something like this is already being planned. "Regular Client updates to web walking" Or AI walking based off the recorded paths which human players take. "Active Shitpost Threads / Spam Thread" That's called 4chan. "Removing scripts that no longer function that clog the SND and adding a search by last updated option" I don't remember who, but Usa or Todd already has a thread for this purpose. Searching by last updated doesn't exactly mean much. I haven't updated many of my premium scripts in years because they work flawlessly. "More accessible scripter rankings." We're not giving out scripter ranks to people who don't know Java. "TRilez Updated scripting tutorials" With what I have planned, I'll be completely busy for the next year. There's a lot of things being worked on behind the scenes which nobody except a few people know about.
  14. The next version of the Bot Panel will use Angular and material design. Although there might be a price hike to use it since supporting betweek 5K and 30K bots (yes, that many - mostly because of gold farmers) simultaneously running takes up a lot of resources with a service like this unless I were to code direct communication between the user and the botting client via a java web start service. Offering the bot panel currently costs more than it than it generates for the low amount of users who actually uses it which degrades the experience and services we are able to offer to the majority of our clients. Now, before people start flaming me because they think I'm gonna be spending all of my time on this when I should be doing other things - it's going to mostly be designed by other staff whom happen to be web developers.
  15. No, I'm able to withdraw it to another wallet. I really don't know why they shut down my account unless it's because I wasn't making them any money as I never made any fiat conversions.