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  1. TRiLeZ

    TRiBot Release 10.1_0

    The script pausing issue is the same issue you're talking about.
  2. TRiLeZ

    TRiBot Release 10.1_0

    TRiBot Release 10.1_2 contains a possible fix for script pausing issues. Can someone please tell me whether this update helps the issue at all?
  3. TRiLeZ

    TRiBot Release 10.1_0

    I also forgot to mention the last update contains the fix for RSGroundItem#equals and a trading API NPE fix thanks to @Encoded .
  4. TRiLeZ

    TRiBot Release 10.1_0

    We're still looking into it, but haven't quite found the issue yet.
  5. TRiLeZ

    TRiBot Release 10.1_0

    Fixed skull icon hook.
  6. TRiLeZ

    TRiBot Release 10.1_0

    Please restart both TRiBot and the RS client (i.e. OSBuddy).
  7. TRiLeZ

    TRiBot Release 10.1_0

    This release includes: Fix updater bug which was causing a bunch of issues TRiBot will no longer require manual hook fixes every time the RS client updates - the updater has been fully patched for objects Hooked login fields Improved the login bot Ability to recognize the banned/locked messages again Ability to read the current input for username and password fields If the username or password is already entered correctly, it won't be erased If only part of the username or password is already entered correctly, it won't be erased. The login bot will fill in what's missing. If there are a few invalid characters after a valid substring of your username/password, only (approximately) those invalid characters will be erased. The login bot will then proceed to fill in the missing characters. Edit: Fix skull icon hook Edit: Fix character height hook Edit: Fix Trading API NPE Edit: Fix RSGroundItem#equals Coming soon: Skull icon fix Improve screen rate and responsiveness of the RS client (both regular client and LG) Much more
  8. TRiLeZ

    TRiBot Release 10.0_0

    The bugged VIP message issue has been fixed.
  9. TRiLeZ

    VIP-E cant run free scripts

  10. TRiLeZ

    VIP-E cant run free scripts

    Thanks for the debug. Working on the issue.
  11. TRiLeZ

    TRiBot Release 10.0_0

    Looking into it right now.
  12. TRiLeZ

    TRiBot Release 10.0_0

    Please restart both the RS client (i.e. OSBuddy) and TRiBot.
  13. TRiLeZ

    TRiBot Release 10.0_0

    This release includes: Fix shift clicking option selecting Fix high paint delay settings saving Update prayer IDs for the quick select menu Remove RS3 support Fix hooks RS3 Support Removed The RS3 client hasn't been updated since our Old-School version of TRiBot was released, as many of you may have noticed. Keeping all of the RS3 code in the client made the client as a whole harder to maintain, larger, slower, and messier. As hardly anyone still uses the RS3 client, and since the RS3 API was hardly functioning, we made the decision to completely remove it from TRiBot. For the average user, this means that the client will be smaller, cleaner, and faster. Future updates will also take less work meaning there will be more frequent updates. If you were one of the few users still using the RS3 client, we apologize for the inconvenience. No future support for RS3 is planned. There are many other botting clients which has support for RS3, so we recommend finding an alternative if you wish to continue botting on RS3.
  14. Please welcome our new developers, @JoeDezzy1, @erickho123, @Encoded, and @wastedbro. These members will be responsible for working on, maintaining, and improving TRiBot. This means that bug fixes and improvements will now come at a much faster pace! We're committed to providing users with the best botting experience possible!
  15. TRiLeZ

    TRiBot Release 9.401_0

    Fixed the issue involving "Enter amount:" interface recognition issues.