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  1. Closed as this script is out-dated and the script writer is no longer active.
  2. @Tri Is this script still working?
  3. I sent your refund.
  4. Would you please mind elaborating on the solution in case others users have the same issue you had? Thanks!
  5. @Tri Is this script working?
  6. TRiLeZ

    ExTutorial - Tutorial solver [ABCL 10] [ACCOUNT CREATOR]

    @erickho123 Would you mind giving some love to this script? It sounds like it needs improvement.
  7. TRiLeZ

    Auto Fletcher Elite

    @warfront1 Please update this script.
  8. TRiLeZ

    ANTI BAN idea

    The RS client's mouse tracker isn't precise enough to notice this kind of difference.
  9. TRiLeZ

    Error when starting premium script

    Please send us a message through the help desk at https://help.tribot.org/
  10. One of the benefits of Anti-Ban Compliance (ABC) is that individual characters will have a fairly consistent playing behaviour going from script to script. If playing behaviour varies widely between scripts, then it seems that either 1. multiple people are all playing on the account, or 2. it's a botter using multiple scripts. A uniform playing behaviour for an individual will prevent this.
  11. I haven't run this script yet, but I can tell it's pure gold!
  12. TRiLeZ

    Should you bot at night?

    My theory is based on statistical analysis. Say Jagex applies one factor to narrow down the audience, raising the probability of players in this audience botting from 0% to 10%. Then they apply another factor to narrow the audience and increasing the probability to 25%. Then introducing another factor to narrow the audience and increase the probability to 50%. Then another factor to raise the probability to 90%. Then another to 99%. Then another to 99.999%. Jagex could then ban all of these people. Not all of these people may be botting, but it'll be damn close. It's known that Jagex does falsely ban people for botting. So the question is, does factor X narrow down any audience which your RS character may be apart, which increases the statistical probability that your RS character is botting? Having done a lot of statistical analysis of current bots and their behaviours, mouse movement analysis, analysis of human playing data, and reading many scientific studies published in academic journals, I can say this is definitely possible, and a very effective way to determine whether a player is botting. It also explains why Jagex has had numerous job postings for big data scientists. Jagex would also not rely on just one set of factors. They could have tens or even hundreds of sets of factors. They are also not limited to factors which clearly determine a player is botting. All they need is a factor which could increase the likeliness that a player is botting. That increase could also be minuscule - it could increase the probability by just 1%, but that could be significantly larger when paired with other factors. In my personal opinion, I believe you should bot during the same time the majority legit players play the game within your local region.