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  1. I plan on a total re-write after I complete/release other things, but for the meantime I'll look into why this is happening for some users/scripts? Questions: When it goes to walk to an absurd tile or does something funny, could you provide the stack trace? Do you ever call any of these methods: Walking#setWalkingTimeout WebWalking#setUseAStar Do you set a stopping condition when using web walking? Is it possible that another thread is causing this behavior? Is the plane for the destination tile properly set? From the glance, it looks like the issue as evident in the video is that the web walker is terminating pre-maturely and then being called upon again.
  2. Which client are you attaching to? OSBuddy?
  3. So if I were to try running 3 accounts and have them all use the login bot?
  4. I just tested the login bot with LG earlier today and it worked perfectly fine. I need a more detailed report of what's happening.
  5. @Todd and I are planning on creating our own AI auto responder backed by many conversations between legitimate players.
  6. This is correct.
  7. The human-like client loader loads the client exactly like the downloadable client does.
  8. Your bitcoins have been refunded to the Coinbase account associated with the email address you entered upon sending the payment. Please check your email. Please note that you must send the exact payment amount, and you must not subtract the network fee from that amount. Further, the payment must be sent within 10 minutes of the receiving address being created. If you try using a 3rd party such as Circle, QuickBT, or any other bitcoin service where you are buying bitcoins, please note that the service may not send the bitcoins to our Coinbase address within this 10 minute window. Please have bitcoins in a wallet before trying to send a payment.
  9. Will be fixed in the next client release.
  10. I refunded all misspaid bitcoin transactions every week or two, so I'm not sure what's happening with your situation. Maybe you missed the email about the refund. Could you PM me the Coinbase order ID, or post it here?
  11. Sure, I'll listen to what you have to say via PM. I can tell you without a doubt that my second theory holds major grounds on detection. Jagex streams a ton of client input data to their servers. What happens when they notice something being streamed which is impossible to happen if the user were to be an actual human not using botting software? I also have other theories on random number generation, the garbage collection system, and the event queue. I know my garbage collection system has some grounds as with the tests I've done last year, I had 100% accounts of the accounts I created while intentially trying to flag myself based upon my theory be banned within 20 minutes of account creation. I never even botted on those accounts. I've spent thousands of hours investigating the client code so I'm not speaking out of my ass.
  12. They don't monitor CPU usage, although they do stream over how many cores your CPU has. My theory is that if a bot client slows down the client FPS, then that will trigger a flag as the client will slow down the rate at which it communicates with the RS servers. Another theory of mine is that sending the client bad/inconsistent mouse/key events will flag you as a bot. This is something I've focused on with an upcoming system.
  13. A few seconds ago.
  14. The fix for LG has been released. I will also be extending all current VIP/E user's VIP/E subscriptions by 4 days to make up for the downtime, even though LG isn't even an advertised feature.
  15. The two week extension has been executed.