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  1. Try our development release by checking "Development Release" on the TRiBot Loader. Note that these new features are currently in beta. This development release features: Fixes object model locations and object IDs Dramatically improves the performance of LG in certain scenarios Improves object findings speeds If you suffer from LG being terribly slow, please try out this release and let me know how it goes by replying here.
  2. After reading this thread, I've decided to forgive the debt and to also send you 8 credits so that you can purchase a month of VIP-E on me. It was great having you in the past, and I'm glad you're back. I hope life has treated you well.
  3. Make sure to run the cross platform (jar) version of OSBuddy
  4. VIP-E extensions have been applied. I apologize for missing my originally stated timeframe. I'm on vacation in Europe and I can't always get online.
  5. This update includes: Fix OSBuddy LG input bug Fix updater exception Added error loading profile message to login-bot (Thanks @Todd) Prevent auto-relog from being typed in the client (Thanks @Todd) Comment out a pause in the clicking method (Thanks @Todd) Fix Prayer API (Thanks @Todd) To compensate VIP-E users for the downtime, all current VIP-E users (as of the time of extension) will be given an extension of 2 weeks. The extension will be applied sometime between 24 to 48 hours from now. A fix for RuneLite support is still in the works.
  6. This update features: Fixed broken hooks from today's update Fix wilderness level with RuneLite (Thanks @Todd) Add support for Kotlin .class files in scripts (Thanks @wastedbro) Overhaul Inventory API (Thanks @wastedbro) Add List support for common methods Change method grouping to make more sense (by functionality) Refactor methods to utilize Java 8 streams instead of cumbersome loops Recognize chatbox minimization (Thanks @JoeDezzy1) Fix Screen#isInViewport when NPC chat is open (Thanks @JoeDezzy1) Fix login bot bugs (Thanks @erickho123) Fix hint arrow return values (Thanks @Encoded) Fix depositAllExcept functionality (Thanks @wastedbro) Change containing box interface bound and adjust for Y values (Thanks @erickho123)
  7. Moved to out-dated as this appears to be broken.
  8. Moved to out-dated as this appears to be broken.
  9. Moved to out-dated as the script is not fully functional.
  10. There have been multiple issues we have been continually fixing. Just now I figured out the source of a repository bug and I'm working on the fix right now.
  11. Update: With @JoeDezzy1's help, we have fixed the issue of downloading repository scripts. Any and all scripts affected by this problem need to be re-uploaded to the repository.
  12. VIP purchasing has been fixed.
  13. This release will: Fix prayers and world hopper API (Thanks @JoeDezzy1 and @erickho123) Improve banking API (Thanks @Encoded) Adds methods for returning and using Java Lists, rather than arrays Slightly randomizes some hardcoded behaviour Removes sleeps from waitConditions; the efficiency saving potential is negligible in these use-cases, therefore cleaner code is preferable Other back-end improvements Note: If you are using LG, please restart both the RS client and TRiBot.
  14. This release will: Add new internal framework for capturing exceptions Fix issue with not selecting the last column in world hopper (Thanks @Todd) Add a message about pin usage in Banking#openBank (Thanks @Todd) Disable the firewall by default (Thanks @Todd) Fix handling of the welcome screen after login (Thanks @Encoded) Fix wrong amount bank withdrawal (Thanks @Encoded) Fix Screen#isInViewport Fix Game#isInViewport (Thanks @Encoded) Call onBreakEnd for ListenerManager Breaking Listeners (Thanks @Encoded) Fix Prayer#getPrayerPoints NumberFormatException (Thanks @JoeDezzy1) Note: If you are using LG, please restart both the RS client and TRiBot.
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