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  1. We at TRiBot are working on incorporating transparency into our values. Today we are announcing public moderator logs, allowing everyone to view what our moderators are up to. We believe this move will create more trust between the administration and our users. Further, it holds our moderation team to be more responsible and accountable. Occasionally, users have their posts or threads hidden or closed and have no idea why that happened, or who did it. They are left confused and frustrated. This will no longer be the case. If you are unsure of why a moderation action was performed, you are encouraged to use the moderator logs to ask the moderator in question the reason for their action. Finally, this move supports self-governance. Users now have the ability to hold moderators accountable to their actions. Do you believe a moderator is not doing what is right? Please let us know so that we can quickly act on it. Sending us a ticket via our support portal is the recommended way to do this. As for privacy, please note that all IP addresses are hidden from everyone who's not a moderator or support staff. Thank you for reading. Join us in building a better world, TRiLeZ
  2. The site has recently been giving numerous database connectivity issues (the repository in particular). The reason is that our new database servers had their max connections limit set very low. To alleviate this problem, I've increased this limit by over 1000%. We apologise for any disturbances this may have caused.
  3. Installing the JDK is no longer needed if you use one of the TRiBot installers. All of the installers are bundled with a JDK which works nicely with TRiBot.
  4. Today marks a big day for TRiBot! To make it easier for users to use TRiBot, we've created installers available for every platform! These installers are all bundled with the latest version of OpenJDK 1.8 (Java 8), which is LG compatible. Using TRiBot is now easy. Simply download the installer for your platform, install TRiBot, and run it. The TRiBot Loader will correctly identify the bundled JDK so there's no need to change the Java selection. Windows EXE installer: TRiBot-windows-x64-4.0.4.exe Portable version: TRiBot-windows-x64-4.0.4.zip Mac OS Installer: TRiBot-macos-4.0.4.dmg Portable version: TRiBot-macos-4.0.4.tgz Unix/Linux Installer: TRiBot-unix-4.0.4.sh RPM installer (CentOS/Fedora): TRiBot-linux-4.0.4.rpm DEB installer (Debian): TRiBot-linux-4.0.4.deb Portable version: TRiBot-unix-4.0.4.tar.gz Platform Independent JAR file: tribot-loader-4.0.4.jar Note that this jar file does not include the bundled JDK. Windows and Mac OS users may notice a warning message stating that the installer/application is un-recognized or un-trusted. Please ignore this message and proceed with running the installer/application. We need to acquire a code signing certificate so that we can sign the installers letting the operating system know that these files can be trusted. It will take a week or more to acquire one, so please hold tight. Other notable changes to the TRiBot Loader: Support getting the version from OpenJDK distributions Add check for bundled JDK Copy OpenJDK tools.jar to the bundled JDK if not present Set the current java as the first available list entry Ignore Java versions which are symbolic links Make the bundled JDK the preferred Java version Update icon images Reduce the number of HTTP calls
  5. I apologize to everyone for the recent forums downtime. We moved our forums database into a new serverless cluster. This means that anyone problems with the forums will not affect the client or client-side repository, and vise-versa. It will also allow us to better tune our databases according to each different workload.
  6. For anyone wanting to use LG, try using the old loader which can be found here: https://tribot.org/bin/TRiBot_Loader.jar. I'll update the TRiBot jar which this one downloads so that everyone has access to the latest updates. The development team has been working on fixes over the past few days and those should come by tonight or tomorrow.
  7. One way Rileyz will provide value to the community is through content creation such as guides on how to maximize the value users extract from TRiBot. Everything he's going to be doing will provide value to the TRiBot community. Additionally, every task he executes is one less task for me to execute. So I'll have more time to focus on areas such as development, management, administration, etc.
  8. Hi everyone, I'd like to give a warm welcome to @Rileyz, our new marketing lead! He's here to help us grow, create valuable content, and to enhance TRiBot customers' digital experience. Warm regards, TRiLeZ
  9. The issue with the new loader has been fixed. Please re-download it. If it still does not work, re-download it in incognito mode.
  10. Stripe payments for credits has been fixed! The fix will be live within the next 30 minutes.
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